Parents and bro were complaining that i'm gaining too much weight and my body is running out of shape & YES! 

Although i denied by saying that i'm happy now so what but secretly, deep inside my heart, i felt that it's time to shake off some fats already.

I gained 4kgs ever since I start pak toh wtf!

My life was really happy and we had dessert almost everyday after dinner & froyo every alternate day.

Yes. Suddenly i felt that we're actually quite rich! lol

But i do not want to go on strict diet cz it wouldn't last long! *i love to eat hahaha*

So i started to be more careful on food intakes.

And here's my diet plan :

1) Oat 

2) 2 Tortilla wraps (pork ham, cheese, tuna)  OR mihoon soup (mihun + vege + meat + fishball)

3) mihoon soup / pan mee soup (only if i'm too hungry)


I try not to starve myself at all and i will eat fruits whenever i feel hungry. 

I try not to eat anytime later than 7pm too.

And..And And...Finally i see some results!

1.5kg off in 10 days! *I don't know why so fast. Propably because i've been busy with my dance show and dance classes. I danced almost everyday*

I was like this.



58.5kg WTF SIBEH PUI KA AI SI LIAO! hahaha

Round face! you probably will say that no ar...not so fat also..but i i can't wear my old pants! FML



This is me now!!! *Doesn't look much difference though. But i can see it very clearly when i'm naked cz no more muffin top!*

After burning out the 1.5kg. I'm now proudly weight at 57kg WTF SO HEAVY!

My weight never drop below 50kg ever since the day i reach 11 years old :(

I'm always on the heavy side the heaviest me went up till 65kg which is when i just came from US. FML!


I wan to go down a lil bit more! 55kg. 

2 more kgs to go. 

And this is ma motivations!






























I want her body she's freaking hot!!!!!


Anyone going to churpout tmw?!!!!

#ChurpOut 2012
Date: October 13th, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 11am-10pm
Location: Publika Boulevard & Square

Almost all my favourite bloggers are gonna be there selling their prelove clothes!!!!

It's gonna be really fun!

See you guys there!



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