The bf's sis was invited to sell her preloved clothes in the Churpout event which was well organized by the Churpchurp team.

There're a lot of blogger celebrities were there selling their prelove clothes which include, chuckei, fourfeetnine, Cheeserland & more.

Publika is always our first choice to lepak during the weekends. It's not too crowded and they used to have a lot of interesting events!

The most important thing is, no jam! I hate to go malls like One U / Pavilion especially in the weekends. SOFREAKINGJAMMM

 ok picture time.

The parents cute right? heeh

Met Jezmine, one of my favourite fashion blogger!

Got this neon spike belt and studded earrings from Aud & Cheesie. 

My boss saw me wearing this earring and he was like ei, u wear bullets on ur ears ar? FML

My pastel nails and double attached ring! <3

Bf with the gun, anti social all the time! *don't u start neglecting me ar not even 6 months i'll cut u into pieces and throw u to feed dogs"

Finally putting down his phone afer i scolded him but still, ASB (anti social behaviour) with the phone.

Woolaaaa seee handsome nia! asked you not to play too much with ur phone! should take more nice pictures like this and practice ur smile!

Me Ms.Nothingtodo decided to force the bf to take my vain pictures while waiting for our tea set from T Forty Two!


I love Tea sets! Especially the one from Delicious! Theirs one is the best!!!!

This tea set was quite good as well but not as good as Delicious that one.

RM59.90 for two, but can fit up to 4. 2 types of teas on your choice were included too.

From the top : 

1) Chocolate Banana Pie (you can pick any of the cakes available), Chocolate truffles (yumyum), Strawberries, mashmallow (must try!), macarons

2) Plain scones

3) Egg Mayo Sandwich, Tuna sandwich, Smoke salmon sandwich & Chicken Tortilla Wrap


ps: Their chicken tortilla wrap was much more nicer than the one that i make for ooib everyday! :( I should go cooking class. Yes. Groupon pls. Thanks.

Met Vivien who i knew from the online world! And we dyed our hair at the same day at the same hair salon!!!

Love her purple and pink hair!


Top : Topshop

Earrings : Twenty3

Skirt : Twenty3

Bangle : Diva

Bag : H&M





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