Still remember that day i asked Ah Hock..."Ei, Ah Hock ar, today my birthday got plans ar? or i should go dance class?"

Then Ah Hock said "No plans wor, go dance class la!"

I was like !@#$%^&*%$#&*&^%$#@^7 MY BIRTHDAY WEYYYYYYY oklo...go dance class lo.

Then he texted me in the evening to see whether i'm keen to sacrifice my dance class to a dinner date with him or not.

ps in my heart : "Arghhh finally!!!! #spinchair" 

And he major failed lo he don't know the way to get there! hahaha 

I never heard about this restaurant before i thought that it's a fine dinning restaurant but it's not. 


Mom first reaction when she saw this pic : Ceiling pun ho hip =.=" (Hokkien Direct translate to English : ceilling also shoot)

Seriously, hui pun hip? (Hokkien direct tanslate to English : Light also shoot?)

Guess what i brought back their menu for ya all! 

Chunky Smoked Salmon Mousse

Chunky Mushroom Soup

Creamy Cheese Brandade

Salted Egg Yolk Chick Strips

Chroizo fried mushrooms

It's too much for us! Should've ordered lesser. The mushroom soup was really good! My favourite of all.

They're famous for their cempedak cake. We tried one and i don't really like it but Ah Hock likes it. 

Present time!!! Tadaahhh This was from Bro!!! :) Hello Kitty Swarovski necklace!!! Owh i feel young again!!!!! 

I used to love kitty, then put kitty aside, then love back kitty, now love it even more. LOL

Pressies from Ah Hock!!!


H&M Studded Bag & Topshop Studded Purse!!! Owh you know me loveeee!!!! I love both of them so so so so muchhhhhhhh Thank you Ah Hock!!!!

Can't believe that i'm already at the age where i don't want people to know my age anymore :( Lao Liao La!!!!!!!


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