There're a huge range of red color lipsticks out there.

I really wanted one but i don't know how to pick which exactly the "red" that i want.


Should i go after those red with glitters, orangy red, pinky red, chilli red. I have no idea at all.

I've been searching tips online and there's actually quite a lot of websites are talking about it.

It doesn't really make me feel secure about it though. Cz i think different people have dfferent skin tone.

So the best way to get the red lipstick that suits you the most is still, try them out yourself!


Very Basic Tips! You probably already know about this! But sometimes we just need some assurance from people who did that before don't we?

1) Go to drugstores like Watson, Sasa etc! I love Watson the most cz there's not gonna be someone who's gonna follow you throughout your whole buying process. I don't like to be shadowed by those sales girls cz they kind of like adding indirect pressure to me LOL. 

2) Pick ANY brands that you like, be it Revlon or any others, you can even try all of them if you're able to go there for a couple of times! 

3) Pick one of the lipsticks, wipe the surface on tissue paper for cleanliness purpose. Try them out by applying them on your lips. Wipe them off again using tissue paper and make sure that they're clean before you put them back on the rack.

4) Now, walk around with your new red lips if you "kinda" satisfied with the result! You will know whether it's good or not based on the comments that you might get from others. You will have more time to get use to the color too.

5) But well, if you're not satisfy yet, wipe it off with your make up removal tissue (not encourage to do too many times), I'm using biore  though, and try other colors until you satisfy!


And this is my ONLY ONE RED LIPSTICK! From CANMAKE, Sasa, around RM69.90 If not mistaken. 

this awesome reddy last me for about one year and i'm still using it now. 

I'm not a very adventurous person and there's no need to be adventurous on this unless you do heavy make up in most of the time.

And if I need to attend wedding dinner or any important events, i will top it up with my lip gloss to make it more outstanding. 

I rarely do so though. Cz the red from the red lipsticks is good enough for me.

It's more like a orangy red instead of hmm redred.

Took this when i first started using this. My hair still brown that time.

In bright day light.

And some iphone pictures.

One bad thing about red lips is that it hardly last long, especially when you're in an event or something.

This is the most effective and i guess the only way in my knowledge on how to keep the color.

Red lips are fun!!!! You can even create the shape of the lips that you want buy using lipliner and concealer. 

You may read more here.


Hope this help! Got this question quite often lately so i was thinking might as well just blog it here :)

I'm not a pro in make up. I only have 1 very basic set of cosmetics and they're all very easy to use and very afforadble.

And yes, i'm as lazy as everyone else! Once i get used to one brand, i rarely want to switch to other brands unless miracles happen! hahaha

Btw, my red lips look even better with my red hair!!! Red addict!

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