I'm not really good in make up yet. Still picking up the skills and this post is gonna be mainly my detailed make up pictures.

You may run away now just incase i kinda blur your eyes with too many of my pic.

Just want to show ya all what i did to make my eyes look 2.5 times bigger. LOLOL

Here's an overall view of my make up. 


Product used : 

The Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream

The Face Shop Fake Eyelashes (XL size)

Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)

Majorlica Majorca Eyeshadow Palette (BR355)

Maybeline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (Black)

Stila All Over Glow Pretty Pink blusher (S1K6-01)

Canmake red lipstick (03)

Freshkon Alluring Eyes contact lense (Winsome Brown) 


What i did to make my eyes look bigger :

1) Lengthened my eyeliners with longer wings to create the dramatic effect. 

2) Lengthened my eyebrows to match the length of my eyeliners.

3) Draw fake bottom dramatic eyelashes.


More pictures! HoOOLaAALaaA

Will update more about Groupon Halloween soon!!!


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