I can still remember how happy I was that day! Woke up in a Saturday morning and Barry decided to bring me out for a date since it's been a really long time we never get to go out and enjoy good food and good tea time. Our weekends are mostly packed up with my dance/singing performances, launching new collections on Twenty3, and his all time favorite game, Magic the gathering.

Honestly, I don't really like dining at restaurants that serve expensive local food. I refused to go in when we first found out about them in Bangsar. I was like no! Nasi lemak wey.

We then heard quite a lot of good reviews about them and Barry did a lil bit more research about them and successfully convinced me to try them out.

"I get convinced easily one laaaa hahaha"

So we went and seriously, I will regret if i never try them out! We both left with happy stomach!

From left to right :

Black Spider Fried Rice RM20.90
- Long bean, egg, vegetables, soft shell crab, black ebiko & black pepper
- we love this a lot! It's a very creative combination! The soft shell crab was fresh and crispy and the eggs were perfectly cook. It's not fully cooked, about 89% cooked wtf. Hahah. It's like when you fried the egg you don't fried it in full leaving a lil bit soft texture in it. We love the garlic rice served together with the soft shell crab. It's definitely a A+ choice of this restaurant.

Spicy Chicken Salad RM14
- Deep fried chicken, baby tomatoes, mixed vegetables with spicy house dressing
- Same thing! Chicken was crispy and we live the dressing. They topped the salad with this crispy thing that we don't really what it is. Taste like a crispy mihon or what not and it's freaking good!!!!!!

Curry up RM11.90
- Fries, fried egg & cheese served with Japanese curry
- I don't know how they cook but m really glad that they don't use the powder type of Japanese curry. Barry normally very picky on Japanese food but he loves this Japanese curry a lot! Especially when they mixed it with eggs and fries! It was supposed to be an appetizer but we just couldn't resist all of them. Eating all of them at the same time LOL

The foods were really unique and delicious.

He was so excited with all the fusions and the way he eat also must be fusion - using a fork with a Chinese soup spoon hahaha

We were deciding either ice potong or mille crepe. But well ---> mille crepe is always the best!!!! Raise leg to agree wtf

We spent quite sometime to find this little famous Mille crepe dessert shop. It's hiding right beside subway at Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar.

They were already quite well known in the Internet world! Customers used to collect their cakes from this shop which originally was a floral shop. When the shop closed down, they took over and started selling their mille crepe offline.

The Mille crepe that we ordered was a coffee Mille crepe. The texture is really soft and I can really feel the layering inside my mouth wtf. I personally love Food Foundry's Mille crepe a lot and I still think food Foundry's Mille crepe is the best!

Playing around with Bf's Guy Fawks mask!
When he got this I was like : why r u buying this shit? R u joining any Halloween party or something?

He said no and told me that us the girls don't know this kind of "man" thing wtf. Hahahahh
And lucky him! He managed to use it in groupon Halloween party wrf hahah


(they're right beside plan B, opposite starbucks at bangsar village one)

The humble beginnings
(right beside subway at jalan telawi 4)





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