His parents have been married for 30 years! 

Marriage requires a lot of love, patience, trust & tolerance. 

Barry's dad is one of the most romantic guys that i have ever met! 

He was really excited about the celebration and started planning everything like one month ago?!

We already started brainstorming ideas way back, even on Barry's birthday celebration itself.  

They were gonna be away for one week and coincidentally, Barry & I would be away too! So his sister was the one who booked the restaurant and helped order the cakes and flowers.

It was supposed to be a surprise dinner where Ah Hock's mom has no idea that we're joining at all.

His dad loves home dining places! Aside from Huck's Cafe, we wanted to try something new & we found this home dining place called UB80. 

UB means underground business while 80 is the house number obviously :)

I don't know how his dad found this place cz it's really small and private. Fits up to 18 people only maximum! 

Here's the outside view of the house. The whole house was perfectly decorated with a fusion style of antiques!A good mix of western & chinese antiques.

The owner is an antique lover obviously. We had a lil chat with the owner. He's from Austria and he has been to more than 100 countries!! He's living in Malaysia with his lovely Chinese wife! That helps to explain why the house is so special now! 

The owner, Karl, explained that he picks up random roots and leaves from the forest and sprays them with gold paint or something, to be used as ornaments.

Here's the inside view of the house. It's a house OMG I still can't believe that. It's like a museum! This was the decoy table for his parents hehehehe

That's the bouquet that Audrey and Barry bought!

The real dining table! 

We went there earlier so that we could hide ourselves.

The owners were kind enough to let us hide upstairs. 

Both sister and brother busy writing cards for the parents so cute!

And finally we heard the parents coming into the house. 

After like 10-15 minutes, while the chef was explaining the appetizer to his parents, we went down to surprise them!

The parents were sitting at the 2 person table. Everything went smoothly! 

n tadahhh! sorry picture a bit blur! I saw tears in the mom's eyes! She was surprised to see the son and the daughter there! 

Bf got a new jacket! #handsomekabehsilo!

And here comes the food! 

They serve Austrian food so do expect some meat...no i mean a lot of meat! hehe

The appetizer was some cold cuts of pork and duck. The grey thing on top that looks like mashed potatoes was actually pig fat!! But so delicious I ate all of mine accidentally T_T

Mushroom soup super packed with mushrooms!!! wtf ya...that's a lot of mushrooms! 

Lobster soup for the parents!

Mashed potatoes garnished with fried shallots!

Can't remember what this is called, I think it's lentils?

Then the main course was served! A giant platter of pork: roast pork belly, roast other parts of the pig wtf, and German sausages.

Some kind of bread pudding.

Sausage, siu yuk and char siu wtf with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

Vanilla ice cream with cherry sauce

Strawberries in some sauce that tasted alcoholic/vinegary/peppery, topped with cream

A bonus cake by a student of Ming, the wife and co-owner of UB80, who also runs a French culinary school in KL!

The pouch was solid chocolate, with a small chocolate cake inside. The strawberries were dipped in dark chocolate.

All of us! Tim couldn't be there because he was away on his company trip :(

Family photo!!!! 

...plus me wtf

The blushing couple!

So sweettttttttt! Happy 30th anniversary Aunty and Uncle!!



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