I got this question very often and I've always wanted to do a video for it.

I recorded this video 3 times and this is the only time that i managed to finish it LOL

cz my hair is super long and super thick. By the time i finish curling my hair, my face always look like zombie hahah


Here's the video!

I'm using babyliss Pro 25mm hair curly iron.

Some simple tips here : 


  1. To create the voluminous effect, make sure that you hair is clean & dry before you curl your hair. 
  2. You may apply hair mousse while your hair is wet and blow dry it later to achieve the even longer lasting effect. 
  3. If you have thick hair like me, separate your hair into 2 sections, upper and lower sections. 
  4. Start by curling the lower sections first then slowly move up to the upper sections.
  5. I love curling them outwards and sometimes i do mix the directions to create the voluminous effect. 
  6. After curling all the sections, don't forget to touch up the upper part.
  7. This is because in this video, i focus a lot on the curves at the bottom half of the hair instead of the upper part. And the upper part of my hair usually needs more touch up because it's really long and when i curl it around the tong, it hardly get warmed up.
  8. While for my fringe, i normally split it into center parting and curl them outwards and swipe one side to another side so that it looks more natural when the curls mixed together.
  9. You may apply hair spray after that to secure the curls OR pin your curls each time you finish curling A section of your hair and release it when you finish curling all secitons.
  10. I don't normally use hair mousse nor hair spray because i don't really like the smell LOL And it still stay for a good couple of hours as long as i curl it properly, with the correct heat and the correct tong.

Thanks for watching. Hope it helps! 

IF you have better tips, pls share yo :)


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