OMG!nowadays i'm crazy-ing on this drama...i jz finished the season one...but i heard ppl said tat ter is 4 season actually...

mamamia!who got season 2-4?? i want!!!!i extremely desired for it!!!

the main character --> Michael scoldfield (Wentworth Miller) is the most attractive guy in this world i ever seen!

he is jz too handsome tat i cant keep my eyes off his eyes!!







he is way too handsome liao la!mama! how good if he is my brother!so tat i can keep *belonging* him forever of my life.

but, unfortunately!tis handsome guy has a gf edi!haizzz....bad news!many gals will be sad...include me


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  • theng
  • hi

    yup ,seasons 4 already out and Wentworth Miller is DAMN HOT yeah !!! =)
  • yalo! aiya!i jz finish season 1!!!gonna find season 2 n 3!!he is way too handsome until i wish i could see him in reality hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/13 02:44 回覆

  • 小泽
  • got season 4? Wow...
    I love this series very much~

    I finish 1~3 at Japan~
  • wow..u finished it in Japan??which means u staying ter??
    is michael scoldfield really famous in western countries??in Japan?? pls tell me more if u know~ehhe i like him really much!

    Sherlyn 於 2008/12/13 23:24 回覆