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ok so this is the 2nd time i dyed my hair red. 

The first time was awesome and i don't really dare to go really red still. 

It's been 2 months since i dyed my hair. The color faded off quite a lot and it was a bit orange-ish instead of red. So i decided to find Hikky again.

Hair is super important to me and once i fell in love with one color, i will do it over and over again! 

I wanted to get Rihanna red but Hikky strongly disagreed with it cz i would need to bleach my hair for at least twice and my hair will be very very dry after all. So we sticked to the previous hair color but the result turned out to be much redder than what I expected. This is probably because my hair was already quite bright previously and the extra amount of red hair dye made it even redder.

I did a video here so that you can see it clearly how's my hair condition after the hair dye and also how it looks like under normal lighting & bright lighting.


They're having hair treatment promotion now where you can get a Shiseido hair treatment for RM99 only. And the hair dye was RM260 only for my hair length. Worth every penny! 

Hope you guys like it! 

The color will definitely fade off a lil bit after i wash my hair! Will update after that yo! :)


ps: Shop here for Lace singlet top :)


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Official website :

Product link :

Product description : 18k yellow gold, font desgin no.6, Czech crystal at "S"curve, Heart necklace clasp,normal size & 40 cm long.

Discount voucher for my readers (valid till 31st of March) : RM20 off for the same range of necklace(Refer product link.), Sherlyn x GlamTags 



I don't simply accept sponsored items unless i really love the quality of the items & the service as well.

I love personalized necklace but i've seen enough ugly personalized necklace with poor workmanship! And they always, always claim it to be good quality online and sell them at a sky high price. #sorry a bit moody cz i love personalized necklace so much but i always got the bad quality ones! 

Wore this to my favourite gf's wedding and lots of ppl said yes to it! 

Little heart at the back of the chain. 

It's mini necklace, hence, the elegance.

I burned myself while curling my hair. That explains the redness on my shoulder. Stupid me!

I love the necklace so muchh!!!!! Words can't describe my love towards them.

The little black dress. Everyone needed it.

They've got a video to show you the quality of the necklaces. What you see is what you get. Plus, it's strongly recommended by me. 

Not because of the sponsor, but truly from my heart.


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I was looking for some new hairstyle inspirations and i wanted to have short bangs so seriously! 

And this is the result after all..


Do you love my Elvis hair wtf

Little heart at the top

Ugly duckling Sherlyn wtf


And coincidentally, bf was thinking of ideas for his Hawaii Theme company trip to phuket..

He suggested shark and i was like, where got ppl dress up like a shark for hawaii theme party one?!!!

He insisted so i made him this..

So both of us got new name now! 

Sherlyn Elvis & Barry Shark wtf


It's a super lame post i know! 

Have a great weekend people!!!!


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I have tons of high heels and i love wearing it even though people always try to avoid me when i'm on my heels. 

Heels are very important cz it lengthen our bodyline and make us look more elegant! 

The way we walk in heels is important too! Bad heels make us walk uncomfortably and which indirectly leading us walking using our knees to walk instead of our leg muscles. 

Personalizee offers a huge range of good quality flats & heels. 

The sole is so comfortable that it indirectly helps me walk confidently! 

Burgundy, black & leopard prints...colors combination that i love most!

Emo Sherlyn wtf

They're having a contest now!

Like their page and share the picture below *click on the picture* and you will have the chance to win a RM15 cash voucher!

FB page :

Official Website :

Here's the link to the heels :


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Thanks for reading dearies. :)

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So a couple of months ago i joined this dance school called Talent hub in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Trust me, they have the best teachers ever! Especially for their contemporary dances! 

There are 2 types of contemporary dance classes provided, lyrical contemporary and the basic contemporary dance.

I opted for lyrical contemporary dance cz i love dances that interpret the meaning of a song. Turns out the dance we were to perform was about druggies wtf. Some more the song is "Trigger Hippie" by Morcheeba wtf

When i first started the class, i couldn't understand the world of a hippie. My confidence level sunk down to the bottom and all of a sudden, i felt that i didn't really know how to dance. LOL so emo wtf

However, after 2 months of practice, i can see myself slightly improved. 

It's really not easy to act like a druggie! I don't drink and I don't even know what's the feeling of being drunk lol

but that shouldn't be an excuse cz my teammates don't drink too! LOL

My teacher Rebecca, she's the most awesome teacher ever! She taught us every single step patiently. 

Most of the time we couldn't remember the steps! LOL #badstudents wtf

I'm really glad that I had the chance to join the Talent Hub performance!!!! It's really fun! I got to meet A LOT of ppl who love dancing! 

And they inspired me to be better! 

Rainbow tights!!!!! 

My teammates! The girl on the right shares the same birthday with me!!!!!!!!! And she was a ballerina too! 

I love the way she dances! She's the main character of this piece! :)

say yeay to 921 virgos!!!!! Anyone here born in 921 too? :)


omgggg this little girl is super cuteeeeeeeeee

The girl on the left : super pretty model teacher! She's super tall ok!!!! 

The guy on the right : I LOVE HIM TO THE END OF THE WORLD WTF He's so inspiring!!!! He doesn't have any dance basics! He learned everything from youtube and i swear he dances SUPER WELL! 



Belly dance! sexayyyyyy

Pole dance from Viva Vertical! 

The most happening salsa team! Different races, different ages! Not a problem at all! Good example for 1Malaysia! wtf 


Burlesqueeeeeeeeeeeee, choreographed by Rebecca too!

These kids were so cuteeeeee

Hippiesssss yeayy

Chris Tabassssiiiiiiiiiiiii 

Burlesque again!!!! By my teacher Rebecca too!

Kids hip hop! haha

Contemporary dance by Vivian! Chris Tabassi!!!! againnnnnn hehehehe

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Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Another outfit shots featuring sweet & punk style.

Topshop denim bralet top & Twenty3 leather skirt*click* 

Earrings from Twenty3 too but they were all sold out already.

I love sweet punk style! Don't even know whether this style exist or not! 

Basically it's just about something sweet matching with some edgy pieces. I can't go sweet all the way nor punk all the way cz i normally dress up in a very feminine way even though my characteristic is not feminine at all. loll

Just a short post for today! Going lunch with Ooib!!!! I came to work with him today! 

Will be here all day stalking him wtf. 


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I got this question very often and I've always wanted to do a video for it.

I recorded this video 3 times and this is the only time that i managed to finish it LOL

cz my hair is super long and super thick. By the time i finish curling my hair, my face always look like zombie hahah


Here's the video!

I'm using babyliss Pro 25mm hair curly iron.

Some simple tips here : 


  1. To create the voluminous effect, make sure that you hair is clean & dry before you curl your hair. 
  2. You may apply hair mousse while your hair is wet and blow dry it later to achieve the even longer lasting effect. 
  3. If you have thick hair like me, separate your hair into 2 sections, upper and lower sections. 
  4. Start by curling the lower sections first then slowly move up to the upper sections.
  5. I love curling them outwards and sometimes i do mix the directions to create the voluminous effect. 
  6. After curling all the sections, don't forget to touch up the upper part.
  7. This is because in this video, i focus a lot on the curves at the bottom half of the hair instead of the upper part. And the upper part of my hair usually needs more touch up because it's really long and when i curl it around the tong, it hardly get warmed up.
  8. While for my fringe, i normally split it into center parting and curl them outwards and swipe one side to another side so that it looks more natural when the curls mixed together.
  9. You may apply hair spray after that to secure the curls OR pin your curls each time you finish curling A section of your hair and release it when you finish curling all secitons.
  10. I don't normally use hair mousse nor hair spray because i don't really like the smell LOL And it still stay for a good couple of hours as long as i curl it properly, with the correct heat and the correct tong.

Thanks for watching. Hope it helps! 

IF you have better tips, pls share yo :)


Read here my other hair tutorial posts.

Fish tail braid & 4 strands braid

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It's been a very long time ever since i started my fashion diary*click* back in year 2007.

Still remember that the reason of me starting the fashion diary is because i got shitty fashion sense and i wanted to improve! 

Looking back all the pictures, i realized that i've grown up now. Can't wear those cute cute style anymore. 

Camo & burgundy are 2 big hits now! 

Scroll through lookbook and you will see a lot of pretty pieces.

And coincidently, i found this 2 pieces that i owned since i was standard 6. My ballerina leotard and an oversize skirt. (I was chubby last time)

Hope ya girls love this look :) 

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His parents have been married for 30 years! 

Marriage requires a lot of love, patience, trust & tolerance. 

Barry's dad is one of the most romantic guys that i have ever met! 

He was really excited about the celebration and started planning everything like one month ago?!

We already started brainstorming ideas way back, even on Barry's birthday celebration itself.  

They were gonna be away for one week and coincidentally, Barry & I would be away too! So his sister was the one who booked the restaurant and helped order the cakes and flowers.

It was supposed to be a surprise dinner where Ah Hock's mom has no idea that we're joining at all.

His dad loves home dining places! Aside from Huck's Cafe, we wanted to try something new & we found this home dining place called UB80. 

UB means underground business while 80 is the house number obviously :)

I don't know how his dad found this place cz it's really small and private. Fits up to 18 people only maximum! 

Here's the outside view of the house. The whole house was perfectly decorated with a fusion style of antiques!A good mix of western & chinese antiques.

The owner is an antique lover obviously. We had a lil chat with the owner. He's from Austria and he has been to more than 100 countries!! He's living in Malaysia with his lovely Chinese wife! That helps to explain why the house is so special now! 

The owner, Karl, explained that he picks up random roots and leaves from the forest and sprays them with gold paint or something, to be used as ornaments.

Here's the inside view of the house. It's a house OMG I still can't believe that. It's like a museum! This was the decoy table for his parents hehehehe

That's the bouquet that Audrey and Barry bought!

The real dining table! 

We went there earlier so that we could hide ourselves.

The owners were kind enough to let us hide upstairs. 

Both sister and brother busy writing cards for the parents so cute!

And finally we heard the parents coming into the house. 

After like 10-15 minutes, while the chef was explaining the appetizer to his parents, we went down to surprise them!

The parents were sitting at the 2 person table. Everything went smoothly! 

n tadahhh! sorry picture a bit blur! I saw tears in the mom's eyes! She was surprised to see the son and the daughter there! 

Bf got a new jacket! #handsomekabehsilo!

And here comes the food! 

They serve Austrian food so do expect some i mean a lot of meat! hehe

The appetizer was some cold cuts of pork and duck. The grey thing on top that looks like mashed potatoes was actually pig fat!! But so delicious I ate all of mine accidentally T_T

Mushroom soup super packed with mushrooms!!! wtf ya...that's a lot of mushrooms! 

Lobster soup for the parents!

Mashed potatoes garnished with fried shallots!

Can't remember what this is called, I think it's lentils?

Then the main course was served! A giant platter of pork: roast pork belly, roast other parts of the pig wtf, and German sausages.

Some kind of bread pudding.

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Head over here for more! 

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Suddenly feel like blogging in mandarin cz that's the best and easiest way to describe how i feel and how things went on.

I'm super confuse sometimes when i need to translate from man to eng and eng to man wtf. 

It's not that my english is that bad. It's just that i want to be like my bro and the bf who can speak not just fluent english, but with correct pronounciation as well! so that i can hao lian a bit wtf. Especially the bf! I jelly max whenever i heard him talking in his American accent with his American friends! Chinese edc ppl are always like that. Always want to pretend like a ABC hahaha. "Actually just me la wtf"


aiyaaaaa 突然又觉得写中文好难哦!!!

orz 我中文那一part的脑袋真的有点生锈了!!!





aiyaaaaaa --> u all sure know this one d no need translate wtf

It's so hard to blog in mandarin mannnnn my mandarin side of brain karat alreadyyyy.

ok i should stop complaining and back to the topic wtf

This couple had been together for 10 years!! omggggg so sweet!!!! 




IDK why everyone thumbs up LOL

"actually I knew, I just don't know what's the reason they thumbs up wtf hahaha"




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If you're a fan of Bobo Stephanie, you might already wooooo wowwww woahhhhhh with your saliva all over your face!


This girl rocked our lace little bodycon dress TO THE MAX! U HEARD ME! TO THE MAX!


Words can't describe how JELLY I AM to her! LOL sounds like a crazy fan wtf!


The dress fits her so perfectly! 


Read her blog post here!! 






The first update would be mainly on clothes that can be worn on a daily basis, for work & for school at very affordable price! 

Do expect tones of houndstooth prints, korean style blouses and dresses, basic dresses that fits S-L size and more!


Stay tune with us if you love those sexy black and edgy pieces! We gonna have them up real soon on the next batch! 


A sneak peak for Twenty3 upcoming collection! ! Coco's favourite jacket!


Remember to drop by our FB on Monday!


Like our page here :)




We want to serve you better and good news is that we're currently upgrading our website.


For the mean time, you still hop by if you want to.

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