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Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Another outfit shots featuring sweet & punk style.

Topshop denim bralet top & Twenty3 leather skirt*click* 

Earrings from Twenty3 too but they were all sold out already.

I love sweet punk style! Don't even know whether this style exist or not! 

Basically it's just about something sweet matching with some edgy pieces. I can't go sweet all the way nor punk all the way cz i normally dress up in a very feminine way even though my characteristic is not feminine at all. loll

Just a short post for today! Going lunch with Ooib!!!! I came to work with him today! 

Will be here all day stalking him wtf. 


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It's been a very long time ever since i started my fashion diary*click* back in year 2007.

Still remember that the reason of me starting the fashion diary is because i got shitty fashion sense and i wanted to improve! 

Looking back all the pictures, i realized that i've grown up now. Can't wear those cute cute style anymore. 

Camo & burgundy are 2 big hits now! 

Scroll through lookbook and you will see a lot of pretty pieces.

And coincidently, i found this 2 pieces that i owned since i was standard 6. My ballerina leotard and an oversize skirt. (I was chubby last time)

Hope ya girls love this look :) 

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Suddenly feel like blogging in mandarin cz that's the best and easiest way to describe how i feel and how things went on.

I'm super confuse sometimes when i need to translate from man to eng and eng to man wtf. 

It's not that my english is that bad. It's just that i want to be like my bro and the bf who can speak not just fluent english, but with correct pronounciation as well! so that i can hao lian a bit wtf. Especially the bf! I jelly max whenever i heard him talking in his American accent with his American friends! Chinese edc ppl are always like that. Always want to pretend like a ABC hahaha. "Actually just me la wtf"


aiyaaaaa 突然又觉得写中文好难哦!!!

orz 我中文那一part的脑袋真的有点生锈了!!!





aiyaaaaaa --> u all sure know this one d no need translate wtf

It's so hard to blog in mandarin mannnnn my mandarin side of brain karat alreadyyyy.

ok i should stop complaining and back to the topic wtf

This couple had been together for 10 years!! omggggg so sweet!!!! 




IDK why everyone thumbs up LOL

"actually I knew, I just don't know what's the reason they thumbs up wtf hahaha"




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It was Friday and as usual, I was lazy to dress up nor do any makeup. 

A simple long dress is always my first choice for lazy day!

Poser playing around her picture with Meituxiuxiu to create the bubble effect so that she don't scare ya all off with her bare face.

N yes. I did draw my eyebrow heeheh

Sunnies : Topshop

Grey Long Dress : BKK

Bracelets: Coming soon at Twenty3, for early reservation, email admin@twenty3.my

Bag : H&M


Was at H&M again yesterday and found this super cute shoes accesories!

you can pin it any part of your shoes.

It's a good alternative especially when you're bored with your plain heels, not just flats. 

They come in a lot of colors and designs. Neon pink, neon yellow, silver, blk etc. And it's cheap. not more than 20 bucks if I'm not mistaken.

Go check it out girls!


Btw, i found quite a bit of interesting pictures to share lately. So this is like a tmblr post la! Mainly on pictures!






I'm looking forward to this coming week! 

Have dance class from Sunday till next Friday non stop + bf took a day off on Monday to chill! woohoooo 

Life is greaT!!!



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The bf's sis was invited to sell her preloved clothes in the Churpout event which was well organized by the Churpchurp team.

There're a lot of blogger celebrities were there selling their prelove clothes which include, chuckei, fourfeetnine, Cheeserland & more.

Publika is always our first choice to lepak during the weekends. It's not too crowded and they used to have a lot of interesting events!

The most important thing is, no jam! I hate to go malls like One U / Pavilion especially in the weekends. SOFREAKINGJAMMM

 ok picture time.

The parents cute right? heeh

Met Jezmine, one of my favourite fashion blogger!

Got this neon spike belt and studded earrings from Aud & Cheesie. 

My boss saw me wearing this earring and he was like ei, u wear bullets on ur ears ar? FML

My pastel nails and double attached ring! <3

Bf with the gun, anti social all the time! *don't u start neglecting me ar not even 6 months i'll cut u into pieces and throw u to feed dogs"

Finally putting down his phone afer i scolded him but still, ASB (anti social behaviour) with the phone.

Woolaaaa seee handsome nia! asked you not to play too much with ur phone! should take more nice pictures like this and practice ur smile!

Me Ms.Nothingtodo decided to force the bf to take my vain pictures while waiting for our tea set from T Forty Two!


I love Tea sets! Especially the one from Delicious! Theirs one is the best!!!!

This tea set was quite good as well but not as good as Delicious that one.

RM59.90 for two, but can fit up to 4. 2 types of teas on your choice were included too.

From the top : 

1) Chocolate Banana Pie (you can pick any of the cakes available), Chocolate truffles (yumyum), Strawberries, mashmallow (must try!), macarons

2) Plain scones

3) Egg Mayo Sandwich, Tuna sandwich, Smoke salmon sandwich & Chicken Tortilla Wrap


ps: Their chicken tortilla wrap was much more nicer than the one that i make for ooib everyday! :( I should go cooking class. Yes. Groupon pls. Thanks.

Met Vivien who i knew from the online world! And we dyed our hair at the same day at the same hair salon!!!

Love her purple and pink hair!


Top : Topshop

Earrings : Twenty3

Skirt : Twenty3

Bangle : Diva

Bag : H&M





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Had been their fan for quite sometime and it suck my blood out everytime i walk into their stores!!!!

I'll die if i continue shopping like this!

Everything that i bought from there since last month cost me an average of RM200 per piece! 


Well, it's time to reward myself in a bit since i've been working for 1.5 years!!! Time past so fast OMG! I feel so old now!

Here's my favourite picks in July!


Topshop Peplum Scuba Dress*Click*

This is the back view of the dress cz i didn't manage to take any photos of the back of the dress.

This is when i was trying out the dress at topshop. I look super dumb I know.

Was getting approval from the bf's sis cz I need to get a "formal a bit" dress for her wedding dinner.

BUT, who knows in the end it's not that suitable but i still got it cz i love it so much! & I thought I can still wear it to work!

However, I ended up keeping it in my wardrobe to feed my little spiders! 

Matched it up with white/gold feather earrings & neon yellow bangles & heels.

This is the only photo that I have in my full outfit. zzz Didn't manage to take much photos cz it's the sis's BIG DAY! NOT MINE! LOL 


& Guess who I met that day?

Kenny Sia!!!!!OMG!!! I lost control and behu behu introduce myself to him I felt so embarass after that!!!!!

Lil pinky ring from Taiwan! Still love it after owning her for about one year!


Miss Selfridge Petites Cut Out Skater Dress*Click*

I love this dress so much!!!! Although it makes me look fat a lil bit cz I just couldn't help with the pink and the cut out from the side up to the back!

It's just too pretty to resist! It's not new though. Wore it a several times already and still in love with it!

During Aud & Tim's ROM at Tim's house ON THE HILL wtf LOL 38 38

And that's da bf's BFF from South America! He's damn cute @#$%^&^%$# And I cried when he left even though we just know each other for like hmm 9 days? LOL

Ipad bag used as clutch, from Ted Baker, Heels from Yume, & Necklace from Forever 21

Shot this picture long time ago. That's the necklace that I wore during Aud's ROM. 


Miss Selfridge Bodycon Chiffon Layer Dress*Click*

Same thing! No picture of the back so here it is.

I'm pretty much in love in white lately! Especially this piece! It's the most favourite dress among all the others!

Aud's friends from Japan!!!! 

I forgot everything that I've learned from my Japanese Language Class! Luckily they can understand english! LOL

I love da dress of the girl on the left! Very cute!

That's it for July!

Btw, this is my first time getting involve in a wedding plan!

Everything is wonderful and it's so amazing to see this sweet couple getting married and call themselves Mr. & Mrs Tiah!

The ROM is wonderful and Aud's dad cried during the ceremony! 

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The LV bag is not mine! lolll 

Btw, I'm Heading to BKK this weekend!!!! yuhoooo!!!!!!

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 Black Suede with Zips Super Killer Heels

 Vincci, One U


I wore it for my company annual dinner for more than 3 hours, and i didn't feel a pain. The workmanship, material everything is pretty good.

9/10 :)

Red Suede Pumps

Tropicana City Mall (Bazaar in front of Starbucks, Lush Serendipity)

RM59 --> SO CHEAP!!!!!! 

Workmanship not that good. 

Quite comfy in overall.

6/10 :)


Salmon Pink Wooden Killer Pumps

Opera, Fahrenheit 88


Workmanship awesome + super comfy!!!!

9/10 :)


The very hard to find envelope bag in THIS COLOR!

Fahrenheit 88

RM29.90 --> ONLY! YES! ONLY! 

Workmanship awesome + super comfy!!!!

9/10 :)


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Outfit Of The Day : 2012 New Year  - Simple yet Happy!

Acid washed Denim Pinafore - BKK

Black Tang top - Cotton On

Top to Bottom -Zara

Love the zipper! The cuttings were so good! If you're looking for a pair of good jeans, go ZARA! (The pants is RM199)

Leopard print spec from Mid Valley.

Picture taken using Sony NEX C3 with Hi Key function. None edited.

Anyone wants to own a semi pro? Get Sony NEX C3! You will need to pay around RM105 per month if you use Maybank credit card. Zero interest installment. Double lense. :) weee 


Leopard prints heels from Vincci.

& Lastly, my favourite Satchel bag from BKK.

This is the first time ever i try wearing long pants.

Feel free to feedback :)






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Tricia the slumberdoll (Philippine)


Chiffon Rosey Cape dress paired with the prettiest suede pink ribbon heels OMG!!!

I want her whole outfit!!!! This is the prettiest outfit that i ever seen! melted...


Pretty can faint lor!


Jing, Vanilla Whites (Malaysia)


She is the fashion killer! Love most of her outfit here! You may get some of them from Azorias but well, i'm always late and all the pretty clothes were SOLD OUT!

Love this outfit the most. The color combination & the perfect chiffon.

This is the killer one from Azorias! They restocked it and i'm still too late for it! SO FREAKING SAD!




Will share more next time! :)

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I had the most amazing Saturday ever!

Girl friends were all here!

It's like all of us getting ready for another trip after our USA work & travel trip.

Life had been changing drastically.

Not so drastic actually...It's just couldn't stop bouncing ups n downs.

It's like 1 year already i didn't see the love one..even though we just see each other a week ago...

*ok i know u feel like vomitting right now!*

I never been a romantic person and I can say that I'm the worst gf ever!

I don't really know how to cook, how to do house work...how to take care of myself...

n it;s been a really long time we didn't do any photoshoot~

n don;t worry...i liquified this photo! lol I'm not that skinny ok!

Just want to make the picture looks better! Don't want to waste the photographer's effort! muahahaha

Well! here you can see the real fat me!

I;m so freaking fat until i nearly kill myself!

I've been working with buiscuits and you will never know how much calories that being consumed especially when you eat & work together!



Imma start my workout real soon! Maybe tomorrow? Lol

oh no! i should be fasting together with my colleagues instead! oh gosh!

I want to be skinny! Anyone can tell me how?

I'm not greedy! I just want to shred off another 5kgs n I'm done!!!!

Love this photo~!

I was a candid shot when i try to pin my hair~!

Boss previously asked me to go for upper lip IPL!


Walao eh Boss! Can you sponsor me ar? =.="


Btw, I've got a little project that coming up soon~ Probably next month before i turn 24?

Kiasu people is like that! Die die also must do something before i turn 24!

Oh NO! I don't want to celebrate my birthday this year!!!!!! *shit! too lonely d start talking to myself* =.=""

I want to be forever 21!

haizz....sui yue bu liu ren....


I actually have one question here..not sure anyone of you bothering answer or not...

but just want to do a lil research on this...

What is your opinion towards the different between job and career?

Awaiting for your answers excitedly!



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Dress from UDC  http://udcloset.tumblr.com/

My heart melted when i first saw her!

Fashion Diary @ Car Park? Interesting! lolll

n yes...we ate all of them!!!!

OMG!  I can feel the fat already!!!!!!







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I'm not sure whether it's Chic Pop 8 or just plainly named as Chic Pop Street Market.

Anyway, I didn't expect that they organize this awesome bazaar again that soon!

So me & Precios decided to go there to dig some gold!

I didn't take too much pictures this time cz as usual, it's super hot!!!!!

Sherlyn steps into a world of fairy tales comes true.....lolll



ok! here's my chubby face! I really hate this Camera lense! It makes me look so fat in all of the pictures!!!!! !@#$%^&*^$#@

UDC awesome Crew!

Then i met this sweet gal~ Kim! Reverie is her very new, sweet & trendy blogshop! http://reverie-store.blogspot.com/

She is super small n pretty!!!! She's 100% doll!

Colars handmade by Kim~

Hi Sharon!!! Glad to meet you here!!!! lolll 

These were all handmade and sold by a girl right beside Kim's booth. I forgot their name cz i didn;t see any sign board there.

Only know that they are going to launch their blogshop soon.

IF you are the owner of this booth, pls email me!!!! I'm gonna do a review for you cz your handmade necklaces are awesome!!!!

Got this pretty necklace from them! RM18 if not mistaken~ So pretttyyyyyyy

Met these 2 pretty gals from http://littleparisdressbook.blogspot.com/

n they got me the shoes that i want so badly in the last chic pop!~!

Thank you gals!!!!!  Always love our outfit! Sweet & Vivi!


We didn;t stay for too long...went Sunway Pyramid after that..n met Chatime! My all time favourite bubble tea!


I did'nt change my clothes...just top it up with the scallopy crop top that i got from UDC :)

I don't even get to see how it looks! Just wanna do something crazy cz I'm just way too boring!

Tadah!!! ok pls ignore my =.=" face! i wasn't ready and Bear just got it shot!

Love this crop top very much though~ :)

n pls say Hi to Sherlyn's new shoes from Singapore!!!!!! My heart melted when i first saw her! I love this kind of heels cz it's really comfortable!

Btw, i really hate this lense! you know why?

bcz i can't camwhore!!!!! I tried to put the cam far far away but this is what i got after all =.=" super big face!!!!!! =.=""


ok! so my  next target would be : dietdietdiet!!!! Be a skinny super model! *Punch forehead*

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ok! Hi everyone! Anyone still here?

Sorry that i was really busy lately...

As the title mentioned....my dream came true...

Just the be true, i always....always want to be a model for like so many years...

but i never have the courage to chase for it....cz i have no confident with my look...n my outfit...

People used to thought that i'm a very confident gal...can just do anything that i wanted to..

but i'm not...in fact...i'm a super coward gal who always block herself from doing something that she really wanted to...


I don't have the pretty face, nor the super model skinny figure..but i have the heart..n i finally step out of the circle and get something that i really want!

Thousand thanks to Siew Li, the owner of ugly duckling for giving me the chance.

They launched 2 collections this time - Special collection from Spain & Vintage collection.

I love all the clothes in this 2 collections!!!! They are so pretty!!!!!

One thing that i learned from this experience is...Don't ever give up your dream....You will never know what is going to happen next...

Thanks Ugly Duckling Closet again for the chance! Big bear hugs!!!!!!

Please let me know if you happened to buy any of them k?


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Ya all know blogging is my life and reading other fashion bloggers' blog is definitely my favourite item in Sherlyn's daily To-Do list.

I felt empty for the past weeks cz i actually stopped blogging, not reading any blogs, not dressing up, doing nothing except for working.

I don't really like this kind of life cz i know i would never perform well even i throw in 24/7 just for work.

Therefore, i decided to slow down my work progress for a lil bit and here i am, back to the online shopping world!


Revel-in-me AKA Hui Wen is one of my favourite blogger in Malaysia.

One day, previous recommended me a blog post that Hui Wen wrote - My best-kept secret

I read word by word till the end of the post..n i nearly cry just bcz of that...

I was really touched by every single word that she wrote....

I can totally understand how she feel and her passion to fashion and achieving her dream...


Just in case you haven't read about her blog...

Hui Wen & her friends started their very first high end online store in Malaysia - Azorias.

Their clothing lines focus more towards premium & stylish work wear & which were all made in Korea with top notch quality.

What is AZORIAS?

AZORIAS comes from the word Zoria or Zaria, which refers to the goddess of beauty in Slavic mythology.  A once-popular goddess also associated with the morning, she was greeted at dawn as “the brightest maiden, pure, sublime, honorable“. This word also refers to ‘dawn’ in Russian.

This is what we want the AZORIAS woman to be, a star in her own right. She works hard, plays hard, and is not afraid to chase her dreams. The AZORIAS  woman is beautiful– however, we are not merely referring to external beauty, but beauty from within as well. What AZORIAS hopes to do is to adorn these women while they appreciate all life has to offer. We want to be what these women wear while they strive in their career, when they are partying the night away, when they are relieving friendships… We want AZORIAS to be part of your lifestyle.


Let's take a tour @ Azorias~

Contrast dress with sheer pleated tulle skirt RM149

Georgette shirt with crotchet lace collar and cuffs RM149

Open back-cape dress with contrast peter pan collar RM169

Satin Bird Print Full Skirt RM129

Wool flared dress with leather cord belt RM149

Ruffled shoulder blazer RM159


I'm totally impressed by their first collection! Hope you all feel the same way too :)

Visit their online store for the rest of the collection..you will love it! Trust me! Yihhoooo :)


See ya all real soon...:)



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The socks trend were all over vivi magazines!

I got myself a pair of this cute scallopy pink socks from Topshop last year and i never got towear &  blog it until now! lolll

Not feeling well today :( and i didn't get to wear this out actually...just shoot and change back to normal clothes lollll

I kinda love this set of combination! they are all my Top 10 favourite of the year! LOLOL

Top : The Poem, Tea & Sympathy (Bangsar) *They closed down already :(((((*

Heart cut out belt : Little Paris Dress Book *I got it from Chic Pop 7!!!*

Skirt : My standard 5 performance skirt =.="""

Lacey Can Can Hat : Taiwan

Socks : Top Shop

Pink Gladiator : Sg.Wang

I heart this!

Tired face....lolll

Can u see the scallops? it's actually very small but i really like it!!! <3

Hope that i will get to wear this out next weekend la~!

owhh...it's monday again :(

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It's time for part 2! Neglected it for like 123456 years already.

View part one here : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/24117267


LOOK #66 Bows...

Dress : Ugly duckling closet

Belt : Me Boutique - Auto City Penang

Ribbon flats : Licci - Sunway Pyramid

Ribbon Bag : Teetoo - Sunway Pyramid

Swallow necklace : Forever 21 US

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28429748


LOOK #65 Candy girl~

Earrings : Taiwan

Ribbon rings : Taiwan

Pearl Diamond Necklace : Forever 21 US

Scallop top : Room8008

Ballerina puffy skirt : Ugly Duckling Closet

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28418330


LOOK #64 Cutest top!

Pearl Chained headband : Forever 21 US

Vintage Satchel earrings : Taiwan

Top : Ugly Duckling Closet*click*

Skirt : Forgot d

Bag : Vintage - US

Heels : Mod @ Sunway Pyramid

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28406158


LOOK #63 Another Ballerina style~

All from Forever 21 US & M'sia

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28061727


LOOK #62 Love vintage

Dress : H&M US

Heart chain belt : Times Square

Bag : Ugly Duckling Closet

Heels : Mod

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/28055337

LOOK #61 da candy barbie lacey bag

Earrings & Bracelet : Taiwan

Dress : Online

Candy Barbie Lace Bag : Ugly Duckling Closet

Pink Gladiator : Sg.Wang

Link : http://piggysherlyn.pixnet.net/blog/post/26991893


LOOK #60 Bows Lover

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Most of you might already know that i've just received my parcel from Ugly duckling closet last Thursday!


*yelling alone in the office since nobody know about that!...hmm not until i post it in my facebook =.=""

I was really really happy that day cz there r 3 good news in total happened in just one day!

1) Yeah~ Got my incentive from the company for the deal that i closed last month! *It means a lot to me cz i really need it!!!!"

2) My parcel from UDC arrived!!!! Hooray!!!

3) PTPTN finally approved my application after waiting for 8 freaking months!!!!! Now I'm free from the RM48k debt!!!!!! YAYAYAHOORAY!!!!!

okla i should stop being crazy n here's the little photoshoot that i've done with Bear in front of my house! =.="""

*There's nothing nice about the background..pls ignore it..."


Self camwhored pic always the first one to post =.=""

 c the top c the top c the top c the top???!!!!!!!!!

Pearl Chained headband : Forever 21 US

Vintage Satchel earrings : Taiwan

Top : Ugly Duckling Closet*click*

Skirt : Forgot d

Bag : Vintage - US

Heels : Mod @ Sunway Pyramid


Went LahLahLand Flea Market with my housemate Christina in this outfit~!

Heart this scallopy heart-ish top very much!!!!!!!

Christina bought the same one with me from Ugly duckling closet at LahLahLand Flea Market!

Hers one is in yellow color and if i'm not mistaken, there's only 1 color left which is grey color with pink hearts~

me practicing on how to be a super model while bear practicing on how to be a professional photographer!

eh....Just kidding la!!!!! hahaha lolzz! Gal fat like me how to be super model?

ok! I was trying to be innocent but it turns out look like i'm an emo freak =.=""

but i kinda like this picture la!!! NVM! will definitely do it better next time! LOLOL

H.A.P.P.Y = HAPPY!!!!!!!

Let's zoom in a lil bit for accesories & Make up!~

n yes, that;s how i stick my double eyelid sticker~!

I do have double eyelid originally but it's just way to small n i look so dumb without sticking double eyelid sticker!

They r now part of my life...I just couldn't live without them...

*Lol so serious meh?* YES! SERIOUSLY!* 

ok! done talking with myself!

Headband in detail....floral + chain + pearls = L.O.V.E

Polka dot heels!~

Got this pair of heels last year n i seldom wear them cz they are way to high already!

but still, love high heels in most of the time~!

The End~ Hope u guys enojoy~ :)




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Those that caught my eyes Updated!

Yeay!!!! Finally i've got a chance to visit Chic Pop street market!

Pretty gals were everywhere!!!! All came by with the most stylish fashion n super "up-to-trend"!

Chiffon chiffon chiffon owhhh chiffon!!!!!!!!!

But well, i didn't really get to shop much cz too busy taking photos & chit chat here n there!

*no..i don't take pictures...Bear did...:)))*

PLUS, the weather was like super hot! How good if they organize this event in places with air-con! LoL

alrite, yo! Let's spam this post with picas picas n picas!!!!!

Yeah! Room8008 was the first blogshop that i met right a minute after we reached there!

That's Kiki, the owner of Room8008.

me: Bear, I really really want to buy this rossette tutu skirt!!! It's really nice!!!!

Bear : huh? buying the same skirt again? u already have few at home!

me :  No! I don't have one! This one got rose one it's different!!!!!

Bear : Put it back! Let's go!

me : !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@#$%^&

okla! I admit! I'm just couldn't resist any kind of tutu skirt! I wish i could have a big wardrobe just for my tutu skirts! =.=

Another nice one & oso another "missed" one.. :(

Yeay! Emcee Couture was the next one~

OMG! I look like a dinosour beside her!

She is so S.M.A.L.L!!!!!!!! How i wish i could be smaller like her! so that i can wear all those pretty clothes!

Spotted this super awesome pretty dreass from them! but it's just far away too small for me la!!!!!

Stole this picture from her site! lolzz see how cantik it is? arghh i'm gonna chop off all my fats away n buy this dress n wear it!!!!

I'm just kidding la! hehehe Me this giant is impossible to fit in this pretty n petite dress!

However, if u r a petite, try to visit their blogshop! They have lotsa pretty homemade dresses!

I met this little sweetheart Irene from Little Paris Dress Book!

She looks super adorable with that vivi inspired mary jane pumps! I'm not sure whether it is under mary jane category but what i'm trying to say is that the heels look damn old school n lovely!!!!!!!

n AGAIN! I look dinasourdinasour again! 2 dinasours since i'm like 2 size bigger than her!!! fml!

Look, how pretty their stuff is! I bought that super cute heart cut out belt from them! n that's my only purchase from Chic Pop 7 =.=""""


But well, that's the only size they left :(((

oklo! Save money!

& then i met Kim with the same awesome heels again!!! ARGH!!!!!!!! Should i buy??? but i'm already dinosourdinosour! If i wear this kind of heels again i would be dinosour*10 arghh! how sad it is :((

Btw, she is damn cute man!!!! n yes! SHE IS A DOLL!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Cat in Bowl! I've reviewed their blogshop for a couple of times already! Totally in love with their homemade dresses!

Met the owner Sih Sin who was my senior in MMU!

I never knew that until i bought something from her! hahahah lol

One of their creation!!!!

Pretty till can die lo!!!

I wanted to try this out but i just don't feel comfortable trying clothes when my body is full with sweat! arghh! hot day sucks!

Another cute one!!!!! super adorable!!!!!

Spotted this nicely decorated booth which owned by things eye made, an online blogshop who make all those awesome vintage necklaces, bracelets & more! Their necklaces are really nice! check it out from their site!

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耳环,上衣,芭蕾舞裙 :Forever 21

项链: 美国




他偷偷乘工作假期时偷偷跑到×坐巴士啦!哈×在离grand canyon大约20分钟车程的一个小市镇买的!












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