LOOK #50 ballerina with bows



bows bac top dress : risso boutique

studded oversized bow clincher : my next top boutique

balletrina high waisted prom skirt : sg.wang

chanel inspired quilted bag : sunway

vintage hat : forever 21


LOOK #49 da fairy tales~


fairy tales dress : charisma fashion boutique

pink quilted bag : tictactoe

heartshape tights : miss selfridge


LOOK #48 bardot paperdoll dress


bardot paperdoll dress : ugly duckling

bangles : singapore

studded quilted bag : sunway


LOOK #47 da bow addict!


bows back body con dress : vivace cabin

top shop inspired prom skirt : midnight glam

ribbon heels : nose


LOOK #46 da panel little lace dress~


dress : angel glory

chanel inspired quilted bag : tictactoe

black ballet flat : vincci

princess necklace n ribbon earring : forever 21


LOOK #44 da shoulder blazer!~



Black shoulder blazer : forgot d*will fill wen i remember*

Grey tank : cotton on

Jeans : Levi's skinny

pink pump : nose

bow quilted bag : old blossom


LOOK #43 lace bodycon


Black lace bodycon : Angel Glory

Studded quilted bag : sunway

ribbon heels : nose


LOOK #42 Christmas with Tutu


Chain headband (Black on head n white on wrist) : Dusty Lace online boutique RM8 each

Pearl golden heart earing : Voir *i guess* =.=""

Black basic tank top in size M : Cotton on 2 for RM50

Studded oversized bow clincher : mntb online boutique RM 22.50 (with discount)

Super lovely tutu skirt : Sg. Wang

Red velvet chain bag : Dovey Lovey


LOOK #41 da vintage lacey dress~


Bow headband : Roof top

Pearl Bow necklace & earing : Padini

Vintage Lacey dress : Girl about town


LOOK #40 da blue Alice~


Bow headband : Forever 21

Bow Blazer : One u

Tank top : Cotton on

Prom skirt : Midnight glam

Gold studded chain bag : Miss selfridge

Pumps : Vincci


LOOK #39 da corset dress!~


Corset Dress : Clothesbucket

Bow clincher : mntb


LOOK #38 da polka v. heart~

Earing : Old Blossom

Ribbon cut out dress : Sg. Wang

Ketty Perry Jelly shoes : Sg. Wang

Ribbon waist clincher + Ribbon bucket bag : Online *forgot d*


LOOK #37 da ribbon sister 2~


LOOK #36 da princess birthday dress~


Dress : Forever 21 *Gift*

Chanle inspired quilted bag : Tictactoe


LOOK #35 peter pan in dress?

peter pan dress*worn as top* : room8008 RM45+

full skirt : thrifted

floral vintage bow: sherlynlicious

waist clincher : the envelope

LOOK #35 da cottage gal~

dress: cocktail RM43

Oversize checkered bow basket bag : online*forgot d* RM50


LOOK #35 da ribbon dress~

dress: velvet ribbon RM59

Old school bag : Miss OCD RM50

LOOK #34 always love T&S~

top & skirt : T&S

vintage bag : vincci

polka dot ballet flat pump : vincci

LOOK #34 mama i love u~

Dress : T&S

Miss Selfridge cute stud chain bag~

vintage clincher : Juru auto city

Ribbon heels : One u~


LOOK #34 playing wit blazer 2

brooch : old blossom box *link refer to side bar*

checkered ribbon dress : online RM43

ribbon heels : Nose


LOOK #33 Popeye da sailor gal~ poo poo~

ribbon blazer : Stockist

sailor brooch : vince n co RM7

vintage waist clincher : The envelope

polka dot ribbon waist band : Self made *coming soon*

bag : ttt RM68

pumps : vincci RM18


LOOK #32 da ballerina in floral~

da latest me.jpg

zipper layer floral dress : green bananas RM48

golden chain coin bracelet : imported RM32

ballet flat pumps : vincci RM18

LOOK #31 goin mature~


english rose toga dress : pumpkin RM50

vintage clincher : the envelope RM20+

bangle : gift from bear

princess heels : nose RM69.90

LOOK #30 da pink lady~


pink bow : forever 21 RM7

shining bow necklace : ugly duckling RM39

waist ribbon : from da green dress

bow on wrist : sherlyn's handmade bow

chanel inspired bag : RM68 + RM8

pink princesss glass heels : nose RM60 * i think, ha~*


LOOK #29 da ribbonholic~


shimmer bow necklace : ugly duckling RM39

2 toned ribbon dress : Sunway RM50

LOOK #28 da lady bird~


bow : Sherlyn's handmade RM8

necklace : Diva RM54

ribbon waist belt : DIY

polka dot peplum dress : label closet

LOOK #27 Doll?:P~


d poem top : T&S RM159

peplum skirt : chance boutique RM49

chanel inspired bag : tictactoe RM68 + RM8

ballet polka dot flat pumps : vincci RM18

cute handmade brooch : old blossom box RM20 + RM4

LOOK #26 i love checksss~


ruffle checkerd dress : hers RM52 *expensive!*sob*

clincher : the envelope RM20+

leopard print necklace : VOIR RM59.90

owl earing : Q-losophy RM28

cute salmon pink bow bag : old blossom RM40

LOOK #25 da corset bunny~


diamond corset : Q-losophy RM52

prom full skirt : midnight glam RM42

bow heels : Nose RM69.90

Bow : old blossom box RM8

LOOK #24 da superb size bow princess tee~


superb size bow tee : room 8008 RM43

 prom full skirt : midnight glam RM42

LOOK #23 da lil casual princess~


top : brands outlet RM29.90

lil puffy skirt : old skirt :(

ribbon bling bling sling slipper : RM39.90

LOOK #22 shh..Emily return2~





black golden chain bracelet : the envelopes RM17*forgot d donno 17/20 le*

nike love bag : RM149

LOOK #21 shh..Emily return~


Emily long top : RM29.90 brands outlet

leggings : RM26 +4 ministry of clothes

red polka dot ballet flat pumps : RM18 vincci

LOOK #20 oh-so-mature~

the best tutu skirt tat i have!!!! love u Jing!!! haha


lolzz sherlyn looks so mature here rite?ha

am i old d? can i be a sexy gal?

*i know i cant*tears* ha

top to tutu skirt : velvet ribbon

RM45 - top

RM49 - tutu skirt

LOOK #19 da ballerina play violin~


dress : 10 years dress from Mom

waist clincher : the envelope *saw in vivi magazine*:p


LOOK #18 lovely vintage~


vintage headband : old blossom RM15

Vintage floral dress : ugly duckling RM49

vintage waist belt : ugly duckling RM 15

LOOK #17 its mom's teenage fashion~ 


pink polka dot top : P & CO RM69.90

high waist ruffle skirt : trend reports RM49.00

shoe : vincci RM18.00

LOOK #16 da full floral vintage :p


LOOK #15 alice in the wonderland~ *the reshoot* pls refer look 4


LOOK #14 the layer layer cake :p


vivi 风蛋糕裙 :trend reports RM49

可爱老鼠老鼠平底鞋 :vincci RM39

layer cake vivi skirt : trend reports RM49

mouse ballet flat : vincci RM 39

LOOK #13 floral vintage~


黑色芭蕾上衣 :forever 21 RM19.90

复古百折花裙 :tea n sympathy RM85

spaghetti top : forever 21 RM19.90

vintage floral full skirt :tea n sympathy RM85

LOOK #12 hello hello kitty~



LOOK #11 *The black high waist skirt?*

公主袖上衣 : thai fair RM35

豹纹蝴蝶结项链 :vior RM59.90

黑色高腰裙 :bangsar boutique RM 58

princess sleeves top : thai fair RM25

leopard print ribbon necklace : vior RM59.90

black high waist skirt :bangsar boutique RM58

LOOK #10 *The lovielovie*


黑色荷叶复古上衣 :trend reports RM36

粉红可爱高腰裙 :ugly duckling RM42

黑色蝴蝶结高跟鞋 :nose RM69.90

blk chiffon polka dots top : trend reports RM36

pink cute high waist skirt : ugly duckling RM42

blk bow heels : nose RM69.90

LOOK #9 *The ribbon addict*


粉红蝴蝶结可爱小发喾 :sungai wang RM3

蝴蝶结蓬蓬连身裙 : 网购 RM42

粉红半熟包包 : guess (情人节礼物)

蝴蝶结芭蕾舞鞋 :vincci RM 48

pink bow hairband : sungai wang RM3

cute ribbon black dress : online RM 42

pink bag : guess (v-day pressie)

pink bow ballet flat pumps :vincci RM 48

LOOK #8 *lovielovie v-day*




男: 英格兰凤复古学生套装: seed (情人节礼物)

牛仔窄脚长裤: levis RM 250 +/-

converse限量凡布鞋 : RM109.90

女: 英格兰凤复古学生上衣 : seed RM59.00

黑色俏皮蓬蓬裙 : online RM38

粉红半熟包包 : guess (情人节礼物)

蝴蝶结高跟鞋 : vincci RM59.90

Boy : ENGLAND old school style top set : seed (v-day pressie)

long skinny jeans : levis RM 250 +/-

converse limited edition canvas shoe : RM109.90

gal : ENGLAND old school style top : seed RM59.90

black topshop inspired balloon skirt : online RM38

pink bag : guess (v-day pressie)

grey bow/ blk heels : vincci RM59.90

LOOK #7 *da memories*



灰色亮石发喾 : chamelon RM15.90

灰色碎花裙 : P&CO RM99.90

黑色蝴蝶结腰封 : FUNK SHOP 55 RM29

黑色短裤 : NICHII RM45.90

黑色蝴蝶结高跟鞋 : NOSE RM69.90

grey sparkle hairband : chamelon RM15.90

flowerish grey dress : P&CO RM99.90

blk short pants : NICHII RM45.90

blk ribbon peep toes heel : NOSE RM69.90

blk ribbon waist clincher : FUNK SHOP 55 RM29

LOOK #6 *polka dots vintage-like dress*



黑色复古蓬蓬裙 :meboutique @ JURU时尚街 RM70.00 *after discount*

Blk polka dots vintage-like dress:meboutique @ JURU时尚街 RM70.00 *after discount*

LOOK #5 *da summer like*



公主牌项链 :forever 21 RM19.90

紫色碎花裙 :orange RM50.00

复古腰带 : chubby a bit

手链 :哥哥在台湾买的,不知道多少钱

编织包 :cream puff blogshop RM30.00

princess necklace :forever 21 RM19.90

purple summer dress :orange RM50.00

vintage clincher : chubby a bit

cute charm bracelet : bro bought in TAIWAN, price unknown

weave bag :cream puff blogshop RM30.00

LOOK #4 *the mom's teenage dress*


红白复古裙 :BONBON(Juru时尚街)RM70.00

红白可爱大发喾 :ugly duckling RM6.00

red/wht polka dots vintage dress : BONBON(Juru fashion street)RM70.00

red/wht hair band : ugly duckling RM6.00

LOOK #3 *love da donuts!*


韩版长袖衣 :P & CO RM59.90

复古点点裙 :radioactive RM49.90

korean style long sleeve : P & CO RM59.90

polka dot skirt : radioactive RM49.90

*simple n casual*

LOOK #2 *date wit da prince*


公主袖连身裙 : gurney RM50.00

粉红芭蕾平底鞋: vincci *RM39.91(after discount)*

princess sleeves dress : gurney RM50.00

pink/gold ballet flat pumps : vincci *RM39.91(after discount)*


LOOK #1 beginning of *being* fashion


小上衣 : *妈妈买的* RM25

短裤 : NICHII *RM45.90*

蝴蝶blingbling高跟鞋: 在JUSCO买的 *RM42.90 (after discount 20% )*

baby top : mom bought it *RM25*

blk short pants : NICHII *RM45.90*

butterfly peep toes heel pumps : forgot wat shop d *@JUSCO* *RM42.90 (after discount 20% )*

每个女孩都爱时尚~刚过21岁不久的我,好想尝试改变!但又怕自己只说说而已却又办不到 哈

所以呢,就写了这一篇穿搭文来刺激一些我的时尚感~ 希望大家会喜欢哦~


Every gals love fashion n so do i~ n i wish to make a change on my outfit since i am 21 years old edi :p *FOREVER 21*

n terfor, i had decided to post all my outfits here so tat i can see n improve my fahsion sense :p

i will update tis post frequently as well as i have the time for outing haha :p


ps:我不是真的很会打扮的人,请不要见怪 :p

ps :i m not a fashionista, but i m a gal who deeply in heart wish to be a fahsionista :p



LOOK #43 lace bodycon

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  • akira09215
  • Nice photo but 。。Wat is “ 穿搭文 ” ??
  • haha 穿搭文 means a post with many different style tat i wear with stated price n brand name :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/01/16 12:24 回覆

  • shellypan
  • 我好喜歡你的髮型
  • 哇! 我还以为我看错呢!真的是shelly耶!我的偶像竟然来我的部落格!好开心哦!! 今晚看来有好觉睡了! 谢谢哦!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/02/06 02:57 回覆

  • 信子
  • 你那裡不會打扮??
    i especially like look 5 and 6
  • 嘻嘻 我真的还差的远啦!希望可以努力多一些,将来才有机会变美!哈

    Sherlyn 於 2009/02/08 00:35 回覆

  • shellypan
  • LOOK8 好可愛>.<
  • hi shelly谢谢你又来了哦~
    不过说到时尚还是要跟你多多学习拉~而且,是你的部落格开启我,让我有继续写下去的毅力~虽然没像你那样,有那么多人棒场,留言,但还是希望大家会喜欢我的作品拉~再一次谢谢你的喜欢~我会更努力的哦~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/02/19 00:35 回覆

  • peggy20040641
  • HIHI~我從馬來西亞回來了,馬上要跑來告訴你,我在vincci掃了好多雙鞋
    ,還有手錶,款式好多又好漂亮喔~還有我有去PAVILION,裡面太讚了啦..有一個牌子CHARLES & KEITH 裡面好多包包都好美,好像是新加坡品牌吧,價格都很ok~才1000~3000左右,但來不及下手,很嘔。
  • 哈哈 哇~ 你怎么那么快回来了~ 哈 明天我也是要去shopping叻~ 你好里海哦~ 我们都在vincci买鞋的。算是我最喜欢的牌子,而且价钱又便宜~ 还有我也很喜欢top shop。 不过对我这个学生妹来说真的太贵了~ 哈 我会幸福吗?我反而觉得台湾人好幸福哦~ 好想去台湾~ 在我30岁以前一定要去到~ 这时我为自己设下的目标~ 哈

    Sherlyn 於 2009/03/06 23:55 回覆

  • sh13ngs14n
  • 嗨~您好呀...
    参观您的部落格也有一段时间咯,不知您有没发现我这不知名的小人物~ *肯定没有啦!!*

    很喜欢您的穿搭文唷!!造型都好可爱耶~ >.<

    而且...原来您跟我有同样的偶像(Shelly)耶~~~ ^.^
  • hi你好,不好意思,之前要回复你是突然有事出去了,之后就因为忙到忘了~ 好内疚哦~ 真的很不好意思,那么迟才回复你。好开心你也是马来西亚人哦~ 马来西亚玩Pixnet的人还真的不多耶~ 可以请问你是马来西亚那一部吗?我是北部人~ 哈也就是penang人哦~原来你也喜欢shelly哦~她其实就是启发我写穿搭文的动力呢~以前开始,就好喜欢她的部落格,直到现在,还是一样很喜欢她的部落格~哈

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/03 10:23 回覆

  • sh13ngs14n
  • 对于迟回留言的这件事,Sherlyn不用感到内疚的唷!!~^^
    从发现她的部落格就一直看到现在,不知不觉应该也有两年了~~~ ^^
    原本也想写穿搭文的,可到至今都生不出文 @.@

    我也是属于北部人,可来自霹雳 ^^
    很高兴能认识您唷!!~ XD
  • hehe谢谢你的体谅哦~ 对咯,shelly的部落格镇的很好看~ 哈我也是很开心认识你耶~因为在马来西亚用痞客邦的还真不多~*开心*你的部落格很漂亮耶~很多东西看~ 哈 我有空也会常去坐坐的哦~ 加油~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/04 17:40 回覆

  • cryst
  • lovely pics ;)
  • thx gal~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/08 17:44 回覆

  • pinkbaby1013
  • 真的耶 都好可愛喔!!!♥
  • 嘻嘻~ 谢谢哦~ 谢谢你过来我的部落格~不好意思,最近太忙了~看到你的留言好几天了~但每次都因为太忙,所以没能及时回复你~不好意思哦~ :P

    Sherlyn 於 2009/04/18 11:22 回覆

  • 我喜歡Look19~~超美的^^
  • 谢谢哦~嘻嘻*羞*那是我已经十年的裙子了~是我小时候妈妈卖给我的~:p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/05/06 22:04 回覆

  • zwxesa02
  • Wow ~

    I like the first one very much~with fresh and sweet feeling in it :D

    Sounds like that you also enjoy DIY for some little stuff ,maybe you can show us how to make it some day *U*

    BTY,I am going to be 21 years old soon~Nice to meet you here~
  • oopss!sorry gal! i jz found tat i missed out ur comment! nice to meet u too!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:14 回覆

  • yukiri
  • u r so pretty~~
    n nice dresses u have >.<
  • thx a lot gal :p hugss

    Sherlyn 於 2009/12/24 03:13 回覆

  • stellarvixen
  • pretty & girliee

    wow you got alot of sweet girly dresses & tops..♥ ♥
    ahh am into spring floral recently...♥
    where do you normally shop in KL?
    dammnit i hav US size not as petite as you to pull off those freesize cutesy articles lol
  • hhee thx dear...n no! i m not a petite! lolzz haha how i wish i could be a petite! there is no XS or S in my wardrobe~ haha n i actually shop at a lot of place one...will update in my blog once i found new shop with great quality n nice clothes!~ n i love spring floral too!!!!! goin to Taiwan tis June! hope tat i can get as much floral as i can! lolzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/03/24 15:04 回覆

  • SY
  • hui ling! YOU HAVE LEVI'S SKINNY JEANS!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH... targeting it for so long already... but then no mSoney recently... going to buy it after i really working >.< it's look nice on you :) and don't worry, your sense of fashion always very good :) i always love the way you dress yourself :) T_T no money hard to dress up T_T >:D but will mauhhahahaa
  • hahah i rarely wear jeans one actually..cz i have a bigggggg bottom =.="" hahaha Yeah! no worries! buy it after u work la! actually i bought it using my working salary too~ n nope...i m still learning on how to dress up! its a really deeeeeppppp xue wen! hahaha actually no need a lot of money one! once u ve got that few pieces, then u can repeat it always like me d! hahah i used to repeat the same clothes to school =.=" lozlzz haha n u r pretty like tat la! have to be confidence! confidence makes one looks prettier :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/03/24 17:29 回覆

  • SY
  • icic! but the skinny jeans really look good at you... T_T my intern salary finish on my daily spending and food dy... T_T.. >:D love shopping a lot muahahhahaha just =.=||| no money no talk.. ish... >:D yalor yalor.. very deep xue wen.. >:D so going to slowly learn it XD my clothes always top cant match bottom cuz some is sis gave me, so don't know hwo to match >.< =.= yalor, i also always used same clothes to school.. *blush* thx for your praise >.< now pimple keep finding me.. going to bao yang properly after grad.. XD wish one day will have confident just like you, i also believe that confident makes one looks prettier :) anyway thanks for your reply XD love your fashion diaries :)
  • haha no prob dear....actually...ive no confidence too!lolzzz haha but slowly lo~ no rush~ learn from those who know fashion really well n read more magezine~ hehe intern is like tat one...i hope i can work now too! so tat i can shop more! lolzz gals always love shopping! =.="" ohya..that day the dress that u wear in cnye really nice! suits u~ maybe u can try to wear more sun dress? i love sundress too~ hehe anyway, thx too for being here~ eeh hugggssss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/03/24 18:02 回覆

  • masquevelvet.blogspot.com
  • i like the T&S top alott! what brand is it?
    and the rest of your style :)
  • thx a lot gal!
    n nope..its not a brand...
    its a shop located at Bangsar:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/04 17:12 回覆

  • 可以說你是"洋裝控"嗎?XD