• Dec 15 Mon 2008 15:57
  • sad...

i jz finished my interview wit my tutor jz now...for ur information,it is an imitate interview....

however...i spoil it!no matter how much time i took to prepare tis interview...sobsob

wen the interview start, i begin to introduce myself...and everythign so smoothly..

later on...the tutor start to ask some tricky question to me n my friend...

she ask a lot of question to wei shan like wat is ur related job experience to this post..y r u interested in this post...wat is the job responsibility in ur previous job.....wat is the share price of IOI mall last week......omggg...ask such question...2 of us shaking all the time..

wen is my turn...she ask me...wat i gain from my previous industrial training....OOMMMMGGGGGG

i did not prepare on tis!!!!cz i tot it is not real....n wont ask such question..OOOMMMMMMGGGG

i did not include it in my resume oso...n then my answer is

*sorry miss, i did not go for industrial training before.however i think my previous job experience help me a lot..for ex. i m a promoter before, i can works together wit ppl, communicate n social well wit other ppl. Besides, i m a ballet teacher n a singer before, i m not afraid to express myself n i m good in handling responsibilities,*


tis is jz a real short answer n she jz ask a few question to me compare to wei shan...

i think she will not gonna employ me...haizzz....it is fake althouhg....but it carry 20 marks for this interview...

it is jz a 10 minutes interview n i screwed up...


sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad

miss Jessica...y dont u ask me much more question....i have not enough space to express myself...and the problem is..those question tat i m confidence to answer u did not ask it while those questions tat i out of my expectation u ask it~......sad sad sad

somebody help me???




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  • JiaQi
  • nvm lar...should be alright de...dun worry too much~