yuhoo! here's my 2nd make up post~ *click here for the 1st one*

ohya! sorry for the bad quality of the photos :( cz my camera is with my mom n i ve got no camera anymore for this period :(

all the pictures are take using webcam!~ 

n i hate the quality! cz i cant even see the purple color eyeshadow in any of the pictures taken....sighhhh

so here's the Face of the Day~

I'm going to friends birthday celebration after that....so, i was thinking of doing a simple + romantic make up~

For my face, i use Skin Food Mushroom BB cream + Laura Mercier face powder..

its almost the same with previous post..the only different is the eye part *long instead of round*, the cheek part *natural instead of peach* n the lip gloss *transparent instead of pink* that i m using~

i prefer blusher n lip gloss which provide natural effect so tat the focus will be on my eyes~



i use Majorlica Majorca's eyeshadow palette *same as the previous one* n Mac purple eyeshadow for the area around my lower lashes~

as u can see from the picture above, im actually lengthen the eyeshadow D so tat my eyes will look longer~

I've skipped color C this time and used color B as the base before i apply color D.


here's the purple Mac eyeshadow that i used for the area around my lower lashes. 


Apply again after ur mascara if u wan~ *to make it more obvious*

For eyeliner and eyelashes part, pls refer here the 1st one



yeah! tat's the benetint liquid blusher from benefit.

lip gloss is on the opposite side~ in transparent color...

i love benetint so much as it blends really well with my skin...n the lip gloss is really nice! highly recommended product!

n i m done!~


will try to take clearer picture next time!




(1) i will be having a photoshoot tmw for my fashion diary!!! arghhh very nervous arggg!!!! cz the camera man is not Bear! he's a pro instead! wish me luck~

(2) more n more assignment again! my schedule all pack! will be having a fashion show next saturday + a singing competition on the same day =.="""" +++ 1 assignment due date + 2 presentation + 3 pending assignment! =.=""" HELP!!!!!! + + + Bear;s birthday!!!!!! ok la! atleast got few hours that i can relax!

(3) hope u guys done mad with the poor photo quality k? i will find a camera soon! :p chao~

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