cats.jpg about Sunday..

I went to Bangsar with Bear to find some jobs at Bangsar's boutique..

Cod-ed to get my Scallopy jumpsuit as well! yeehooo

ok..bac to the topic...

I really really wish to work at T shop...however...there isnt any vacancy.....

n what comes to my mind was R boutique...

I love their boutique so much cz they sell Korean based clothes..n u know how much i addicted to Korean style n all those ribbons!

Bought from them before n the quality were so good!

They r actually launching another  new boutique right under T boutique (C boutique), n which T also recommend me to try out their boutique..

n yes! i did tried out...n i only went for 1 boutique cz i thought i really love that boutique n seriously i wanna work there!

After some talks...the boss asked me to waited for reply in these few days..

I'm kinda upset cz i know i may not get the usually..if they want u..they will straight away hire u..i guess la..

cz tis is wat happened during my working experience in fashion boutiques before i came to uni..

n i did apply for part time job through job street...

i'm actually kinda pessimistic...but i guess i shouldnt!

cz i know wat i want to do n i really gonna stretch it out!

i really wish tat i can tell C boutique's boss that i can! pls let me try!

cz in my past working experience...i used to be a top sales for several times...

n i really in love with dealing with different types of customers...n i guess i can reallysatisfy their needs n wants at the same time!

cz m a shopaholic like those gals in elsewhere!

sob...sadly..i didnt tell him such i guess i this should be told by my previous boss herself but maybe not me...

cz it might shows tat m arrogant..

m a little i have confidence tat i can surely work well if i ve got the chance!

but at the same time...i have no confidence to voice it out..

sigh....always like tat...

anyway..ive applied few jobs through job street as well..

all the thing tat i wanted to say is..


1. is bcz m goin to US for work n travel on September....i need some money...n i know..i cant possibly earn RM10k in these few months..but atleast i try my best to earn as much as i can..

2. is bcz i shouldnt have made tis decision! i dont wanna put another heavy stone on parents..they had done their part well for raising me up until now...n i guess they should have rest now since m graduating soon, hopefully. I brought tis issue up several times n m really glad tat my parents were really support me n asked me to do whatever tat i wish to do so tat i wont regret next time...

Actually, there's a 3...i mean...i need to polish myself before da programme rite? i wanted to be presentable n let the employers know tat YES, I M READY FOR ALL THE CHALLENGES ON WORKING ABROAD!

argh..i never know tat i ve typed tis story in such a long way! =.=

Anyway....i'M just wish tat C boutique will employ me!

by the way..i will still continue looking for jobs...

BUT! da bf got a rest today~! it was all in sudden n we deiced to go Old Blossom n I City! OMG! M SO HAPPY!


n thank god! yes! i made it! oppsss...tis should be in next post! ok! next post then!

Back to Sunday;s outfit!



yup! da lovely polka denim lacey dress from Trend Reports!!!!!!!

it's a dress on Kim but a top on me! lolzzz seriously, i think m a double kim! haha

*search her blogshop n her link at my side bar, i FEED-ed her blog! lolz*

n yes!!! da same bag again!!!!! =.=

why not right? n now i found 3 outfit to pair it with! smart or not! zzz  ha


yeah! went to Midvalley for DCIM! da bf was dying to go there n da gf was dying to go bangsar! so DEAL! hahahah

anyway...i almost faint its too bored! i dont know anything about DSLR n wat leica or what i dont know how to spell!

just know tat that bloody camera cost RM100k!!!!

Here's a photo taken using that bloody expensive camera!


see more HERE comes da precious moment!!!!!mix n match! try n buy!


ooppss..tat's my own dress la! i wear black shorts inside de ok! its jz tat it cant be seen through tis photo...

i dont knwo how u feel..but i seriously love the lacey part on the shoulder! so girlish! lovelove!




P&CO loves! da pink polka dot priced at RM99 n i forgot the price of the toga jumpsuit..most probably > RM100!

i didnt get both of them n tat's my first time trying on long jumpsuit!

how does it look? m i suitable for it?



Cotton on loves!!! i wanted to buy at first..but right after i come out from fitting room, i saw a girl wearing the exactly same top..orz...

so...a NO for this...=.=



Stomache...Y!!Y GALS!?


so..the happy ending for sunday was....


TADAH!!!!Milo Dinasour from Pappa Rich! OMG! this is definatelty important especially for a gal who r having PMS!


PS :


yeaH!!!! TMW! Let's talk about Old Blossom Box Store k?



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  • yizhuen
  • the pink polka dot suit u o
    thx sherlyn for sharing abt the bag shop!!!!
  • thx a lot dear!
    hey...did u manage to get it? n which color if yes? hahaha
    i m very kepo la! i m so excited wen i see them selling tis bag as well! lolzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/18 12:24 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • can u give me some opinion about the bag ??
    sry for disturb u.
    cos that bag cos 2 different size, and which colour deserve the best ??
    i m confusing!!
    thx a lot!!!!
  • oo! no prob dear..i love the bottom one more...which the one tat i the upper not really easy to pair up as well!~
    n they have so many colors...i will surely pick pink! hahah
    but if u want it to be more easier to pair up..u can opt to brown or black~ brown color provides more classy feel...while black one need not to say..absolutely easy to pair up :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/18 13:34 回覆

  • Sarah
  • I hope you show your outfit picture in the scallop jumpsuit~ hahaa..cos I am sooo obsessed with scallops now. Scallop cropped top and scallop shorts are my obssesion..i'm not even kidding..and I just bought myself a scallop shorts which is sooo pretty T__T I think I'm starting to like stripes pocket is gonna burst from

    The pink polka dot top and the denim vest is so pretty on you. The long jumpsuit looks okay..a really different look on you from the normal dresses. but so expensive! denim vest are a versatile fashion piece though

    p/s: hope you get the job that you want =)
  • hehe ya! scallop is in trend now..or u can say its in trend for quite sometime already...i wish to buy the scallop short too..but my bottom is a lil bigger compare to normal gals..haha so no dare to buy without trying! haha

    thx for da wishes! will try my best to get the job! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/18 19:55 回覆

  • yan
  • i think u look nice with the denim vest and nautical dress(or top?)..haha looks干净俐落compared to others in this post:)
  • yaya..its a dress ehhe
    actually...i never try these kind of clothes before..
    wanna learn more about fashion that suits just try around~ hahha anyway, thx for the comment! atleast now i know which one suits me more :p thx dear! hugss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/19 03:21 回覆