*Me in last month! owhh! i miss make up n dressing up!!!!!*



I almost forgot tat today is my big day!!!!!

cz it's 20th of September now in the US!

I never realized it until i see all the wishes from my facebook!!!!

Thank you so much guys!


It's amazing~!!!!!

n yeappp~ Mom n Dad organized a surprise birthday for me!!!!!!

Simple.Sweet.Hello Kitty.Family.Sherlyn

All my favourite food!!!! Pasta! Dragon Food!Egg! Mango! PIZZA!!!!!!!!

Missing one Family photo!~

Bear & Piggy!

ok! Do not ask him to smile anymore! muahaha! cz tis is the maximum tat he could! =.="

n my lovely sis!!!!! I miss u!!!!!

Pls ignore my various stupid hair style! was trying out different hairstyle tat day =.="

n yeah! Tat's my simple yet  sweetest birthday ever!

I'm glad tat i have such a perfect family members being by my side for the past 23 years!

Thank you mom n dad for everything!

Especially when u sacrifice ur life just to give me the best tat u could!

I love u mom n dad, brother n sister & of course, the one already by my side for 3+ years, the bear!!

I will take care of myself & learn as much as i can in the US!



Sherry Lin






ps: Sherry Lin, is my orignial name, given by my parents since i was born :p


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  • Happy Birthday *^-^* Wish ur dreams always come true~~Take care there o!
  • 阿婆
  • hapi birthday to at US 的 U~~~
  • Violet
  • What a lovely cake, it looks like you had a wonderful time :D Happy birthday!