YO! It;s my birthday!!!!!!!

n I had a seriously amazing  23th birthdaY!!!!!

oh no!!!! I'm getting old already :((((

sigh! time past so fast!!!!!

n....clinic was my first destination of the day! muahahaha

Dont worry..I'm totally ok! Doctor wanted me to go bac for the second check up~ n tat's my only day off of the week :(

With my new lense!!!!!! It's not really clear here though =.=""

Curled my hair at 6am morning! n guesws wat? it lasted for the whole day long!

More than 12 hours!!!! Revlon hair curler bravo!!!!!!

I got it from Walmart US at the very first day i reach Arizona~ n its super cheap!!!! 12.79 dollars only!

My report!!!!


but...NO!!!! I DID NOT!!! cz I;m not allowed to yet!

see the last sentence...AVOID CHEMICALS! =.=""

housekeeping is all about chemicals! No chemicals No housekeeping!

so...I have to be a house person for another week! =.=""

House person is the person who helps the GRAs (housekeeper) to strip all the bed sheets n clean all the trash, vacum all the rooms, folding up the linen, cleaning up the store room for the freaking 5 builidings which contain 16 rooms in each building =.="""

Anyway,...I had fun!!!! so no worries!~

Favourite picture of the day!~




oopsss...have to go now!!!! to be continue....*tomorrow*~ night~

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