I love watching videos whenever i'm free!

n I thought I should share some of the videos that i really like? or hate? or angry? or funny? instead of sharing it in Facebook?


Here's my videos of the week!

#1 4 Different Chinese Girl Looks from Michelle Phan*LIKE*

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Michelle Phan is my favourite Youtube makeup guru ever!

n i really think that this video is really useful especially for Asian girls like us!

She did a srsly great job in recording 4 styles of make up with such a limited make up resources!

Watch it gals!


#2 A teenage gal who's eyes *produces crystals*Curious?*

Gift from god?  I don't understand! How can it be crystals in human eyes?


#3 Poor poodle incident! *HOTTEST ISSUE EVER*HATE!ANGRY!*

y got ppl like tat one?!!! n the problem is, HE IS A MALAYSIAN! go die la!

Bet most of u watched these videos already...

just in case u havent, try to watch it!

Especially Michelle Phan's videos!!!!!

I learned my make up skills from her from time to time~!

Watch it constantly n maybe u'll found some inspirations from her videos too!

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