I was a lil bit busy this 3 days to help up Out Of The Box at USM!

It's my first visit to USM even though i'm from Penang!

n I had fun meeting those new faces while sharing my experience with them!

Bear brought his US Quaters collection for some explanation regarding the states in US!

me & Phei Ling!~

Piggy Bear with srsly messy hair!

between, sorry if my dumb face scared u away cz i seldom doll up nicely these days!

had been busy for a lot of stuff n i'm just couldnt really bother to dress up nicely!


ps: Working life gonna start soon! N.E.R.V.O.U.S!!!!!

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  • kafune
  • i saw u at USM DTSP there with ur usa booth.but i'm not sure that time is that u.now i read ur post,i can 100% sure that is u ady.too bad cant photo with u if i dare to walk to u.haha..anyway, u are really sweet & charming^^
  • lol wer got! i'm still very chubby tat time~ haha
    anyway, thx a lot!!! huggss~

    Sherlyn 於 2011/03/18 15:57 回覆