Those gorgeous vivi pieces @ Room8008


Massive loves from The Childlike Empress!

guess what? they are all in my wish list!!!!!!!

I love all of them especially the last one!

It's OMGSONICE!!!!!!!!!

For those who are not eating grass like me, you may go and have a look :)


Bet that everyone know about this already!

this is like super cute!!!!!!!!

RM64 each, came in 5 different colors!

Visit here if you would like to buy!

Btw, pls take note that i actually google and found this...not sure about the quality, reliability & all..

just want to share it here and if anyone of u knows where can we get this uberly cute rabito iphone 4 case, pls leave a comment here n let me know!!!!!!

I saw a small store located at the center of the bridge between Ikano Power Center & The curve selling this super cute iphone case!

Not sure they still have it or regret that i didnt buy it!

Oh no!!! S.A.V.E S.A.V.E!!!!! lol

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