Bf used to go rock climbing quite often before we start dating but he rarely do so noq.

So i was thinking why not give it a try.

I kinda regretted when we were there cz i used to fear of heights and i hate any kind of sports except dance.

But still, i try to push myself to accept this challenge.

We started climbing and i cried for mama when i was on the slight top of the wall.

I couldn't climb anymore but refused to jump while the bf kept shouting "Jump! push ur butt out and just jump!"

I then jumped off from the wall and i feel so good!!! cz i never thought that i can do rock climbing!!!

Trying out another wall which is higher than the previous one *the one in the first picture with me climbing on it*

And i made it!!!!

It's AMAZING!!!!!!

Not just because of rock climbing! It's also because of i did something that i thought i will never like it and never do it because of my phobia!

Credit to the bf who gave me a lot of support and courage to do it!

Height Challenge - CHECKED!!!!!


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