It's been like a hoo haa since the past decade "lol" where a lot of ppl are willing to dump their GF2 / DSLR just bcz of iphone photo editing app!

There's a lot out there but nothing will be able to beat meituxiuxiu! 

Just in case you don't know what it is, i actually screen shot all the steps that i took to edit all my photos through iphone! n i dont even need to USB here n there! Just upload it immediately in my FB n i can now blog immediately / whenever i want to blog!!!!!


Just in case you can't read mandarin : 

Top 2 buttons --> Red : Edit your photos, Green : Collage your photos

Bottom 4 buttons -->  From left : User guide, About, Settings, Any other meitu related App


Let's try the first one, Edit your photos

Buttons from top to bottom : Continue last time photo edit, Choose from album, Camera, Back to home page

Top 2 buttons : Home (Left) , Save & Share (Right)

Bottom 5 buttons : Edit (crop, rotate, sharpen), Color balancing, Blur effect, Special effect, Frames

The blur effects! Left : Blur in round shape, Blur in a parallel format

So, my favourite button was always the special effect button! 

There's 3 main types of special effects that you can choose from : (From Left) LOMO, Cinema, Trendy

I love love love the trendy effect cz that;s where i created this bokeh effect. 


 Starry Starry night...

Old memory....

After your picture is being special effect-ed! lollll hahah, tab the tick sign.


n... it's time for frames!

This is the only one that i really like and use for like almost all of my pictures! loll

There's 2 types of frames, (from left) Simple frames, Colorful frames.


ok now everything done! Tab the tick sign and you will come to this page.

you can either save in your iphone/android photo album (orange button) or share it on various china websites! lol (red, blue & green button --> just ignore la cz even me myself i dont use those social media platform!)

Just in case, the very top 2 buttons --> (Left) Back to the previous stage / (Right) Back to home page.


n tadah! 

Btw, i freaking love this dress!!!! They dont have it in my size anymore! This is like a XXS! I can't zip the dress! lolll


Ok! So everything mentioned the above is all about photo editing. How about the collage?

Jeng Jeng!!!! 

Tab the green button now!

There's 3 types of collage. 

It's pretty much direct already. All the collage effects look exactly the same with the sample shown as above.

Let's try the scrapbook collage.

There's a list of templates that you can choose from!

Wee Collage #1

Wee Collage #2 ! You can even add in the frames later on!

Wee Collage #3 as below --> with & without special effects.


ps: All the clothes are from Topshop! Topshop is L.O.V.E!!!!!!

I didnt buy the pants though! n that;s my biggest sacrification already! 


Kthxbai! :( 

Just to share with you guys about this awesome photo editing software la! you can find the real software online...i mean for laptop that kind :)


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