I'm back!!!

It's been really hectic recently...

but i love! love what m doing right now!

The job and the career...It's really not easy to strike a balance between this 2...but i know i can make it!

I've received quite some suggestions in form spring (yes, i'm still reading it sometimes, lol) to blog about my working life...

There's nothing much but fun! (of course + stress! hahahahah)

The company make this customized mug for every single one of us..

As usual...I'm not gonna use it cz it means so much to me! 

I've been with Groupon for 6 months! Unbelievable..

There's so many challenges that incurred throughout this long long journey....it feels like 6 years although m just 6 months old here..


The boy came in after that...We're single and available in the office btw...lolll hahahah 

2 panda with 12334556778888 metres deep dark circles!

n.....here's the real "life @ groupon!" =.="

We are happy family!!!!!! 

Banana dance? phewwiiiit! sexy! btw, spot our CEO here! haahhaahahahahahhah 

OMG everyone seems so serious learning banana dance from Mr.Banana! 

if you call in to Groupon for inquiry, u might hear from him! hahah

Walao eh!!! 

The boy finally graduated!!!!! yeay!!!! Congratulations!!!!

owhhh sweettt....

wao they really look alike! 

nobody is listening to bosss......ahahahaahahahha


What is that??!!!! 




n yeah! that's life in Groupon! 

Work hard & party hard!



Photos by Ethan, our awesome photographer!


ps: yeay! m just came back from vacation!!!!! will blog more soon :) 

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