I bet most of you would've already known about this term. 

Anorexia Nervosa is an eating disorcer caused by inappropriate food restriction, fear of gaining weight or the thought of being fat all the time even when people say that you're not at all. 

I went through my puberty at my really young age. I was only in standard two and i remember there was one day i felt really uncomfortable around the breast area. 

Mom brought me to see a normal GP nearby our house and guess what? The doctor suggested an immediate surgery cz there's a lump inside my breast.

I cried when i heard that and i told my mom i'm not gonna do that! 

Parents were kinda worried and it was a Sunday. Most of the clinics were closed. 

Mom then drove me all the way up to my grandma house, which is quite far away from my house to the only one clinic that we heard was open. 

The doctor was a Sikh. And the doctor congratulated mom by saying it was not a tumor but your daughter is at the very beginning of her puberty stage now.

Phewwww thankgod!!! Or else i will only have 1 boob you stupid idiot doctor!!!!! Our family never went back to that clinic anymore and the doctor is still operating until now zzz.

So, what's up with this stupid puberty story related to Anorexia? No, don't get me wrong, i've never had anorexia but almost, almost if i continue feeling that way.

I was kinda fat compared to all the students in my school due to early puberty.

I was 157cm, 50kg when i was in standard 5!!! IMAGINE HOW FAT I WAS!

Ya know i was really annoyed when my PE teacher ALWAYS assigned me to throw shot put FML

I was never a confident person and i always go on diets. I care so much, so much about how other people look at me.

I lost 10kgs in around 3 months twice in my life and this is the reason why.

I remember i was eating maybe 2 eggs & 1 bowl of instant mushroom soup only each day. 

There're a few stages involved. Normally it begins with people going on a strict diet because they don't feel good about their looks, then they lose a lot of weight and friends and family start complimenting them that they're prettier now and then they become even stricter on food intake due to the  fear of gaining weight and of going back to the old days again. They will start starving themselves even more than before and whenever they look at the mirror they feel good about each kg that they lost. This will remain for a certain period of time and they start to eat less and less until they stop eating almost completely. Maybe only a little bit of water. 

My cycle went up to only having a small bowl of Nestum for brunch and maybe 2 sausages or nothing at all at night. 

I was really skinny and i felt really good when people said that I lost weight. Even though there were a lot of times when people complained that i  looked sick and weak. But I didn't care cz i wanted to be skinny and i wanted to fit in all those S size pants which i never did throughout my 20 years of living. LOL

Another side effect of going on a strict diet is mood swings. I tend to feel depressed almost everyday when i was skinny, and I wasn't happy at all.

I started eating again like a normal person 6 months ago when i first started my current relationship. 

I've never been this happy before!!! But of course, i gained about 4-5kgs and i'm focusing on a healthy lifestyle instead of strict diets right now. 

The ideal weight wouldn't be maintained if we go on strict diet drastically. It will definitely bounce back one day when you feel good about food again.

My focus right now is to dance and work out as much as i can & eat eat eat eat. Eat healthily of course. Don't starve yourself and don't count the stupid calories! 

I did that and my life sucked! Cz i couldn't really eat anything good and when i thought of the hours that i needed to be on the treadmill i would not eat that freaking super yummy Reese's peanut butter cup!

Eat up people! IF you're like the old me who's not satisfied with your own body shape, eat up and workout instead!

Here're some videos that i use to dance to!




OR you can join dance classes if Gym is just not a very good choice for you.

There're a lot of dance schools everywhere but these are the ones that i go to for now.

Talent Hub - Hip hop, contemporary dance, latin, burlesque etc


Viva vertical - Pole dance, burlesque, yoga




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