14/11/2012 4 Strands Braid Hair Tutorial


This braid might look complicated to you but it's actually not complicated at all.
You just need to keep practicing it, especially when you have nothing to do at home or while you're sitting in the car, use that free time to practice.


Important : Always start from one side. If you start from the most outer strand, keep doing it until the end and vice versa. I'm kinda use to starting from the inner strand and that's what you can see in the video.

Feel free to send me a picture of you if you managed to do it! :) Share the love! :)


Headband can be found here : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=467123770005492&set=a.467123470005522.128956.243458082372063&type=3&theater


ps: I'll keep updating this post whenever i learned a new hair style. I'm not so good in hair styling but i want to learn more and share with you girls what i've learned! Just like how i started my fashion diary years ago when i know nothing about fashion! Hopefully I can be better and I hope you girls learn something from here too! :)


11/11/2012 Fish Tail Braid Hair Tutorial


I learned this braid since a year ago.


I love braidng my hair although i don't really look as good as i should LOL


However, if you're bored with your long hair and you still yet to know how to braid fish tail hair, here's a video for you.


There're thousands of videos out there showing you how to do fish tail braid. You may search more online if you don't find this useful :)



This is my first time doing it.


Hope you guys will like it!




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