As i had posted about tis book before which i got it from dear,& finally,i had finished it jz a minute ago..

my tears filled my's jz too sad about that...

a gal,17,who name Jamie, kind hearted, daughter of a Minister (Hegbert), who always wear a old brown jacket without missing out to carry a bible on her hand everyday and everywer she gone through...

She is not like other gal who always hang out wit firends or social...tat's y she doesn't had any good or close friends....

Landon...a guy who is now 57 years old think of his first love wen he was 17 which oso a memory that always wit him..

He was a guy who always social or hang out wit his bros who are Eric and margerate..

He used to make fun of Jamie who was so strange to others...

But, he had fall in love wit Jamie after the homecoming dance, the play & after walking her home...

They love each other so much... but one day...Jamie refused to date wit Landon anymore as she had leukimia & she know it in the pass few months....

Landon finally understood everything tat happened between them,y JAmie'd want him to do the play, y Hegbert whispered to Jamie wit tears in his eyes after the play by calling her his angel, y Hegbert looks os tired all the time, y Hegbert fretted tat Landon keep coming by the house, y Jamie insist to do something special for the orphans tis year, & also about the bible, a christmas gift from Jamie which was the only thing tat her mom left for her.(her mom dead wen Jamie was born)

Landon can't accept the fact that Jamie is goin to leave him soon....he was so frighten & Jamie too~

but Finally he had overcome the fear & he decided to marry Jamie...

a walk to remember = wen her father walk her & pass her hand to Landon in the marriage

ter r more details tat i can't type it out here...but i really touch after watching tis book~






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  • detectiveang
  • good....touching yo!
  • touch touch~

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/04 20:04 回覆

  • 凯玲
  • i love the part where he tried to fulfill her dreams, and one of the vivid one is being in 2 places at one time. not sure if this is in the book but the movie has this part. standing at the border of 2 states, i think that's really a brilliant idea. and touching:P
  • hmm i think the story line in movie will be more clear by showing the places!wanna watch it !!!haha

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/04 20:03 回覆

  • sioukee
  • Yea.. I remember this book very well too. Very touching indeed. Can never forget the quote from the book :)
  •;s jz so touch!

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/04 20:04 回覆

  • carrotegg
  • A walk to remember, touched my heart~sob sob

    nice one!!!
    n if u watched d movie as well... u'll luv mandy moore's songs too :D
  • oo..really??i din watch yet...will watch it wen get bac to cyber~exciting~

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/04 20:04 回覆