today, early in the morning, my body was too lazy to wake up n tat's y i'm late for my dance class!i didnt get to take my breakfast n even find a short cut to my school! *i'm a road blind!i will get lost after 5 minutes!*

ok,so,i m heading to my dance class without anything in my stomach!i don't feel hungry act~jz tat i use to eat breakfast everyday~

after i walk until FIT,i'm late n i feel really tired! *tis is a result of lack of exercise recently*

after about 1 n 45 minutes...i feel a bit dizzy n i think its the time for me to get some drinks...

but i din bring any money as usually i did cz i din bring any bags to dance class...

so i borrow 5bucks from christina n headed to shop...

at first i'm still ok...but after paying the money, i become more dizzy n i can't control my balance...

my leg is shaky, my hand is cold, my heart beat faster n faster, i feel like wanna vomit but ter is nothing come out, my stomach suddenly become so paintfull n i'm seriously can stand or even talk properly....

the auntie from shop rush out n give me some oil...i'm really dizzy tat time n i cant concentrate on anything..the thing tat i only know is tat i need my bf here..

n fortunately castine thought about it as i really can't speak a word...i'm really weak tat time n unconcious...

she called my bf n v decided to go to the clinic in MMU instead of hospital...

after several minutes n all those effect on my bf finally reach...

he carry me n castine send us to the clinic..

n u know...he carry me!i feel damn excited although i'm dizzy!

n the real thing tat i wanna say is wen i first saw him reach his hand to me..i can feel the warm n i no longer afraid of anything...

maybe tis is the power of love~which needed n wanted by all of the couples in order to maintain n build their long term relationship...

he is calm n says tat nothing to be u know...tis is the 1st time i faint in my 21 years life in this world! OMG =.="""

n after the medicine, the hot milo + the sandwiches, n the nap..i feel better now le wei..

i really feel sorry to castine n i really feel sad cz i really excited to dance!

especially wen i heard several words like *sashe,padebureau, etc*which is familiar to me n which help motivate me alot...

n i really feel sorry to castine, my dance member, my teacher, my bf who rush out from YTM meeting n oso wei loon who purposely come out to fetch me bac~

wee wee...

i had learned a lesson today!

1. i must try to sleep earlier every night n i must say *NO* to imsomnia...although its difficult control

2. i must try again to walk to school to find the short cut way to school =.=""

3. i must have my breakfast without any excuses!

4. i must go jogging twice a week!

aiyo mama....

between i would like to say thank you to my lao shi...he really smart in consolation~

he called me n LOL-ing to me instead of saying something like *how r u..o r u ok*

it cheers me up act!



see?pucat rite?? =.=



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  • chiewshi
  • girl,have a good rest take good care always !!!
  • hey gal...thx...i will take care de :p

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/30 22:48 回覆

  • theng
  • hey gal ...
    no need to feel sorry for us la .. =)
    will be fine nia ..
  • :p thx ;)

    Sherlyn 於 2008/11/30 22:49 回覆

  • 文健
  • so fast get old????
    just kidding...
  • akira09215
  • wa。。。。 take care oh。。 u are like miss Lin Dai Yu 。。