Its Summer time! how good if Malaysia have 4 seasons in a year! lolz

but i love Malaysia weather, cz we *summer* always :p

but then i hate Malaysia weather too, cz we *summer always too* lolzz

I love top shop! but seriously, as a student like me, from a small n medium family, i cant afford tis~

n i need to watch out my finance to avoid putting burden on my dad n mom~ ha they work so hard n i spend like water? no way lo~

but i still can spend all my pocket money every month~ i was thinking about money saving..hmmm..i will do it after tis few months la :p

 ter might be some of u poor n sad like me rite?! but don worry~ we can still *tengok masam hentikan dahaga* ha

Let's go!!!

Their summer collection! owh..i love both floral dress n table cloth baby doll dress! n i love the lacey thights she wear!*the right one* Will u laugh at me if i wear it? yala, i know,u sure laugh at me! cz i have a big pairs of elephant leg! lolzz mamamia!

but i never regret doin ballet ~n i will give it a try at some day! never try, never know ma! :p

n So, i really found something tat excited me after hopping their whole website~

 All the items below are those tat i seriously,sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, wish tat i could get it immediately

#1 Fluro Spot Full Skirt

oh gosh! i never stop hunting full skirt in high waist type! i edi have 3 at home! n i jz bought 2 yesterday! n now i seriously like tis n wan tis!

i dont know y i love full skirts/any high waist skirt~ Maybe its a benefit for us wit bottom part bigger than top part~ :p

#2 Wavy Stripe Dress

ZIP ZIP ZIP! ZIPPER dress.skirt,top or anything are always the most *wanted* stuff! ha

n i love tis sun dress! i love wearing dress la! y MMU dont allow ppl wear dress/skirt? lolz

*but i jz heeard my friend said tat we can act wear dress/skirt to class now, but must be above or on the knee part! izit real?*

#3 Ribbon Chain Headband

as u know, headband is the most trendy stuff for now! i love tis headband so much! i saw the similar one at Diva...i wanna buy it~

however, ter are only 1 left, n i m 1 minute slower than a gal who bought at the end~ lolz

i hate midvalley la! i cant find my things ter each time i go! but i love their restaurants ter ~ so neutralize d lo hehe :p

#4 Heart Charm Bangle Set

i wanted buy a set of gold/black bangle for soso long d! but i cant find a suitable one~ n wen i found, i cant afford it! stupid la~

i love Diva's bangle, but their bangles are quite expensive...About RM70+ for a set of bangles!

i know it didnt sounds like too u a student like me...without income...cant afford to get it!

#5 Tee and Cake Queen Tee

Im changing my style though....n i love tis tee so much! not so boyish n not so girlish~ *neutral* ha

it will look damn good wit leggings! casual n nice :p

#6Hearts and Flowers Tunic

A very cute n adorable floral dress....i saw a lots of similar products at top shop outlet~ n they r so attracting n lovie!

owh! how good if i have a credit card now!

i will *cart* all this stuff right now! lolzz


k la! kenyang need masam anymore! ha :p



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  • vivi
  • did u bought tat pokka white skirt...cute la
  • hehe i din buy it~ however, o bought another similar skirt today~ ha wait for my next post o :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/03/21 01:06 回覆