Recently, i feel guilty cz i bought a lot of stuff tat i cant wear to class~

n all the t-shirts are keep on repeating....from Mon to Fri....lolzzz

n so, with all of the sudden, i found tis lil casual dress tat i can wear it in different style :p

n of course, *ribbon* again~ teecheee


yeah~ tis is my sparkles of the night~


see the ribbon? SOSO big!!!!! n i love it so much :p


i love the bottom part...i donno wat is the name of tis material call~

sheer? silk? anyone can tell me? haha

as i said, tis dress can be wear in different style~

style #1 sexy? sweet?




style #2 casual to the class?





ps : pig biao mei is coming to here for her A-level study~ its her first time leaving her sweet home~ don worry dear~ u can cope really well de! ha anything jz call me k? gampateh nehxxx!!!!

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  • wei shan
  • wait for ur change yo!

    lolz...of course u can wear tis to class rather than just repeat the t-shirt!!! excited and hope to c your new look after midterm break eh....gambatte!
  • haha` the *change* need to postpone liao lo! next month confirm broke money buy new clothes le lolzzz

    Sherlyn 於 2009/03/21 03:42 回覆

  • yeimei
  • Waahh..nice.Wear like this to class next time la.Wan to ask u a question long time ago ady~Who took those photos of you ya?your bf is it?hehe..
  • yaya he is my personal camera man~ ahah

    Sherlyn 於 2009/03/21 13:05 回覆