*special thx to shi hui*

ps: i god damn love tis necklace no matter wat!!!!!!!!

Sunway hotel resort & spa lobby~



thx wei loon n ah sam!!! haha da bodyguard!!!!! nasib baik i tak kena chao sui wen clubbing~ haha

me n yei mei n shirly.jpg

me n lovely yei mei~ who is the event director~ YEIMEI! one word! BRAVOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

me n yeimei.jpg

shirly, me n yei mei :p


see! the food came out like tat de leh! hehe cute :p



*taste normal*


*love tis! yummy*


*not interested on tis but it seems quite delicious*

for ur info, i dont like chicken~ hehe


*the best of da night* love tis!!!!! izit sweet n sour fish? ha

i missed a lot of food cz i was way too busy on taking photos!!! haha

da prom queen nomination~ i wanted to be the first to go down! cz i know i wont win!!!! they r so gorgeous!

so sia sui lo! i faster run down once they announce the prom queen! haha

i m not pretty gal la wei!!!!! but it is a small great experience la! ha

y izit *small*? cz i didnt do anything n jz stand ter for few minutes n then go down le~ nothing to learn oso~ haha

but ter is still a little experience tat i learned is to *smile*! hehe

jz found tat the gal at the right side *no4 right* is so sexy n pretty! haha wakaka!!!!


da prom queen of da night~ SO PRETTY N SEXY rite???????????


yeah!!!!!!!! we 4 gals!!!! from dance class de leh wei!!!!!!!! ha all very pretty rite?*wink*

ok let me explain to u all about the outfit~

mine : purple is da theme colour of this year!!!!!! n i love purple so much!!*after pink*

adelyn : she adjust the bottom of her dress to become toga style~*creative*

christina : I M SO IN LOVE WIT HER DRESSSS!!!! her dress is from US!!!! pretty rite? oh-so-vintage!!! i love it soso muchi!!!!!

shihui: *phiuuuuuviiiiiiii sexy gal* yahoooo!!!!! haha


sam, shi hui, me n wei loon~


pretty shindee, sexy shihui n stupido sherlyn! ha


I AM THE BIG LIGHT BULB!!!!! hahah u 2 looks pretty match nehxxx! ha


me n Valerie~ Val!!!! i think u looks more pretty d nowadays~ its been quite a long time i din see u~ i was like *WOW* wen  i saw u! :p

MALAYSIA DREAM GALSSS!!! OMG PINKY,DAWN N MING!!!! i love u 3 galsss!!!!

but so sad! i failed to capture Ming's perfect posture! lolzzz


Pinky posed really well tat night!!!!! she improved a lot n i think she looks more gorgoues in real person!!!!


Dawn!!!!! the gal tat i love in MDG!!! she do well, pose well, learn well and act well!!! her attitude is so good n she never complain *too Much* about her hairstyle!!! love her behaviour n attitude! she will go further n further n further n shine like a star!!!!!!


YUNA!!!!!!!!!!!! she has an amazing voice!!!!!

she sang so well tat night but so sad! ter is jz a lil ppl tat paying attention on her! sob!!!! everybody is busying on dancing nia!!!!



i love her voice at the first sight! my bro told me tat she is one of the singer from Malaysia, i m not really believe on him until i meet YUNA in person!!!! wauuuu love u YUNA!!!!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!

ok! its party time!!!!!! MOSSSSSS~


View my princess style for another minute~ *hehehe*


yeah!!! take off everything!!!! *except the dress la of course! ha* its party time!!!!! yeah!!!!

i was craving for clubbing for quite a long time d!!!!


but ter r few reason tat i forced myself not to go!

1) i hate smoker

2) i hate drunk ppl

3) i dont drink

4) i hate bin tai lou

5) my bf's wallet will bleed so seriously each time i go for clubbing!

anyway!! ITS MY 2nd TIME FOR CLUBBINGGGGGG!!!!!yeaaaaahhhh!!!! yeepie yaya yeepie yeepie ya!!!!!!




the MMU CLS president!!!! do we look like bride n groom?haha


split off my fringe~ WEEEEE




lolzzz WEI LOON!!!!! U R SO HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps : faster see Richard dance!!!! ha is he cute? haha



tell u all wat ar! i really dance kao kao cz i know i wont be able to go anymore!!!!! n i have a lot n a lot n a lot of stress!!!!!

DANCE IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohya! really happy dancing wit LIM HAU YEE leh!!!! he is so cute!!!!! lolzzzz haha

i m searching for SHirly so badly tat time!! but i didnt got to see her!!!!! i wanna see her dance!!! hahah


we all~ :p

yum Cha session~



da pretty hairstylist~


da pretty dancing queen~


me n theng~


da stupido Ah cheng!!!! hahaha dont kill me!


Shelrlyn's Malaysia record!!!! 3 glass of teh ice not more than 30 minutes! haha


-the end-





weee weee~ which one better? haha


ps: anyone who have my pics de can u all pls send to me?? plsplspls

especially me n MDG de,me n michele de, me n Shirly de, me n laurel n jia qi de, me n pei shie de, me n yeimei de, me n accounting friends de, me n xiang hui de, me n yong qian de, me n qreez de, me n i dont know le!!!! too many d~ i forget jor!!!! sob!!!!!

my stupid handphone camera lo!!! lolzzzz

faster reach 50 k views!!!!!!!! i want n need a camera badly!!!!!!!! sobsobsob

ei nope! faster go for work!!!! i want n need money badly!!!!!!!sobsobsob

ohya! the most important one!!!! ELAINE!*Adrian's gf* if u read my blog, can u send ur pic to me??? cz i wanna post it out! its my first time on helping ppl make up for prom night!!!!!!! a great experience in my uni life~ so plspls send me k?

or if siao sze if u saw tis, can u pls tell her? thx a lot o ~ muacksssss

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  • shirly
  • sherlyn!!!
    i looking for u at that night as well... sad....
    we cant took photo together in the club...

    n i did not dance..
    i just stand there n talk....huhu...
  • nyiek nyiek! tats y i wanan see shirly hii pei sui dance! haha but so sad la! ha

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