#5 Sherlyn loves ugly duckling!



Up : RM19

Down : RM39

i lovelovelove tis 2 bow so much!!!! n their service is really really good! its been 2 times i  banked in to the wrong account! but they still reserve the item for me until i bank in to them! really love to deal with them! they provide the best service! :p

weeeee~ finally i own tis 2 necklace! have been thinking of it for so long!


#4 Sherlyn's first n ever handmade bow :p


i dont know whether  u gals will love it o not~ but i love it so much!!!

it can be a bow~ a necklace~ a headband~ a handband~ n lots more~ :p

will model it wen i have time k? sob~ ha


#3 da twins~


Bonita RM39 expensive rite??

BUT!!!!!!!!! 70%!!!!! yahoo!!!

RM12 each? cheap right? owhwhh love it~

i bought the pink one first~ n it is really nice! so i bought the grey one to match my working attire :P

who said formal cannot use ribbon? ha


#2 Another pearl?ha




try to act cool by purposely put it in a opposite way!~ ha! come on la! i m so stress ok!!! hahahah :p

n its all from vinccciiiiiii :p i lovelovelove tis necklace so much~

earing RM29~ necklace RM19~ all 20% discount~ :p


#1 da pearl tat mom loves most~


all from VOIR~ but forgot the price =.="

i think the necklace is around RM21+ and the earing is around RM16+? *after discount*






ps: i m fine now, everything seems goin quite smooth d~ n i m get use to the busy life in KL city! n oso da driving skill!!!! walao yeh!!!!

[i always heard tis *walao* in my office!!!! haaa cute right?ha~] i tell u all ar! KL ppl really geng chao in driving one ar!!! dont play play with them! n if u r weak! u lose!!! but not too STRONG oso la ha! need to be carefull! ha!! n i jz found tat KLCC is jz right beside *few steps* my bank~ haoppppppyyyy nehxxxx!!!! tmw i m gonna go ter at my lunch time!!!! will blog about my new friend ALEXIS tmw~ ha!!! nitenite~


pps : tis post havent finish! i ll continue to post watever ribbon here k? n one thing about my blog~ ha~ last time, i use to be sad wen ter isnt any comment on my post~ but i m no longer sad anymore!!! as i know, the purpose tat i blog is to share something tat i love n share about my life...tats my veryvery initial purpose wen i start blogging! so, gampateh to me k? on life, on work, friends n family ;p ~ u guys n gals gampateh too ya! chong arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

k la~ really got to off d!!!! its 1138pm now!!!!!!

*its late! ha~ *

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  • fergiechic
  • I'm back~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 去了去了!还好你回来了! 不然我每天就少了个部落格逛了~哈

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/11 20:35 回覆

  • Jance
  • not to worry dear. even sometimes there's no comment, it doesnt mean no one is visiting your blog. i still visit your blog everyday. and it always cheer me up whenever i see new updates =)
  • hey gal!!!! i m so touch!!!! ur word warms my heart...yup..i know...tats y...i didnt emphasize it too much d~ now i jz wanna blog n share stuff tat i really like n blog about hows my life go on :p really thx to be here gal~ n i will still continue to blog...wit more colours...with more effort...with more happiness~ :p thx again for being here *hugs*

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/11 20:37 回覆

  • khailing
  • haha i've been not commenting for quite long also dy... your handmade riboon is awesome ah and why u walk of out that pink phase liao your blog is not pink now. not even the slightest bit... find a pic with pink pumping heart la ok. haha.
  • hahaha its pink now!!!! haha!!!! goshhh....i was hunting a blogskin which is really nice n pinkish for quite a long time!!!! how about tis? i love it so much personally!!!!! thxxx for the compliment on the handmade ribbon o!!!!wahh! finally got ppl saw it d! ha :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/06/11 20:39 回覆