finally, da sailor gal is back to penang! lolzzz *backdated post* 4a3669bee6819.gif

zoom in n see the prints~

pic credited to velvet ribbon~

n ter is a good new s for u all~ or might be a bad news for me :(

I m gonna sell tis dress offf!!!!

da reason : too much sailor dress d :(wakaka so stay tune at my preloved site k? thxthx :p

anyway, i still love tis dress sosososo much!!!!!!!!!!!! so in love wit the prints~

i was once saw tis dress from one of the Taiwan bloggers' blog~ n i m so wish tat it can be found in malaysia...

so berat hati to let it go :( but my wardrobe is gonna burst! wakaka

ps: my wardrobe is actually a medium length rack! =.=""


k then, lets talk about penang!

i had been in KL for about 2 years..

n each time i bac to penang, i always felt reluctant to get back to KL...

i love penang..relax....a lot of friends..a lot of shop...a lot of food..

n the most important is, the most important person in my life is in penang~

i mean *are* in penang...

my ah ma, my cute lil pig biao mei who i misss sosososososos much!

its been a long time i didnt meet her...she really grow up a lot...

not a lil naughty gal anymore...

dear biao mei....u know how much i miss u?

i miss the days we gossip so seriously together in the same bloddy cute bed!!!! i miss u~ *sobbbbbbb*

n i meet a lot of ppl tis time! so so so happy~

i meet wei loon, kelmynn, lip liang, shin dee, grandma, all the Aw' family, n a lot more!

n the precious one would be Pei Xin!!!!

argghhh gal! i never tot tat we will meet each other under such situation! wakakaka

i know tat it was u from my first glance!!!!

its been a long time we didnt meet each other! still remember those days we sing k together?

really wish tat we can go out once again.....hmm not jz once..but many more times!


n heres my 2 little babies! see? tis is how bro n sis work! wakaka sharing n even FIGHTING for a pack of soya bean! lolzzz

they r so good n close to each other for the first 15 minutes....however...they started to fight after the SWEET 15 minutes! n however..n again...they started to sayang each other AGAIN after the 10 minutes fight!!!! =.=""""

tis make me recall the days whereby me and my naughty brother fight with each other...we can fight for anything! my father use to stop the car n cane us! lolzzz

it's pain...but it's fun!!!!!! cz it's been a long time i never fight with my bro anymore!

the last time would be the beginning of the year! he carry the whole sherlyn up n hang her on his back!!!! =.=""

tis is the physical fight! n we jz had our mentally fight in the mid of JUNE! but we ended up loving each other more n more!

n i think tis is wat all the bros and siss will do!

see tis cute lil baby!!! she is now 2 years old only! so cute right~

n for ur info, her mom, who is the gal carrying her is my ex-boss...

she is a really nice boss...n ppl use to said tat we both look alike~

i worked wit her few times ago...they have a lot of nice stuff! but only for guy~

i brought tis bow from them! starry starry night....ha RM19.90

* Black fashion, the summit bukit mertajam, level 2, will see it at ur right once u up from the escalator*

my fm is here~ xiao my so cute la! i didnt take picture with them as there is a really long queue :(

da sailor gal with her lovely mom! * we r in LINES* weeee haha i love u mom...

da old style roti bakar~ one of my favourite breakfast!

da REAL FAMOUS SOYA BEAN STORE! * not like all those fake one!*

i dont drink soya bean from any other places! only Penang! I can't find any soya bean store tat sell nice soya bean!=.=

if u do, please introduce i really really love soya bean! ha

HAZEEEEEEEE>.........:( can't even see the mountains!!

camwhore in the car ~ wakakak my fringe is long again! lolzzzz i need to cut it once in every 2 weeks... n i m lazy la!

he was tring to act cool all the time! lolzzz

n i love da jacket n da ok shirt! both r my choices! ps: he loves it oso de ok! * ha

usually, he will choose clothes for me n i will choose clothes for him...tis had been a routine task tat we responsible for more than 2 years...haahah

da bondori night~ @penang


chit chat-ting wit friends! its been quite a long time i didnt meet them! finally  got to some of my friends!! yahooo

da pretty fashionista - Kelmynn

*da flower of FOE* wakaka

i lovelovelovelovelove her outfit!!! casual n nice! especially her skirt! phewww~


went for harry porter after the bon odori...

n unfortunately, we didnt finish 100% of the movie....:(

cz we both slept halfway =.= not really understand the whole movie! lolzzzz


da sunday blossom4a3669bee6819.gif

weee tat's my latest zipper layer floral dress!!!!!!!tis is really different with wat i bought previously...from da colour, da design n da zipper! crazy on it~    

tat's my KATE eyeliner tat i jz bought last few weeks....

smooth and soft..da colour is really dark but natural...

it won't smudge much too...n the quality of the brush tat comes together wit the eyeliner really good...

it might be the best for beginner like me..ha~

my shopping eco bag!!!!! we MUST protect our environment! say NO to plastic!

my imported chain coin bracelet!!!!! i had been waiting for a month!!!!! really love it sososossoosos much!!!!!!!!!

n da last one.....KO YEN LAKSA!!!!! my favourite laksa store!

they r famous because of th eggs and the mameessss.....

u might geli-ing now..ha but its really delicious!!!!!!!! mamee + egg + laksa! bravooooo!!!!!

time past so fast....i need to back to KL again...da lonely yet greyish KL.....:(

anyway, bear is coming on the end of Aug!!! no more lonely weekend! yahoo~





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  • theng
  • nice .. looks mature yet is beautiful =)
  • mature = old :( haaahah
    sometimes i love longer fringe too..
    so jz change it always lo~ haha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/26 22:14 回覆

  • ellyn
  • u look nice v ur long fringe actually..^^i saw ur hair v long fringe from some of ur previous post..looks pretty..XD..lookin forward to ur next updates ya..
  • hehe thank you so much for being here o deaR~ u r my motivation! wakaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/26 22:13 回覆

  • winnaa
  • hye girl..i'm here in your blog...^^
    that sandals quite expensive for me..the normal price is RM65...but after discount is RM52..^^
    have 3 colours..but i love purple the most..=p
  • hey dear~ i saw ur shoe today! n yes...its a bit expensie but really nice!!!!! like it so much :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/26 22:12 回覆

  • kel
  • woot.Its nice to see you down in Penang too. It has been long since we really gather,and that was definitely labelled fun :) More gatherings ,I hope.

    And btw,I pasted the picture we had together in my blog .Hope you do not mind ya .I creditted you too ,btw :)

    take good care back in KL!
  • got meh? y i cant see de? browsing through ur blog jz now~ eskaka
    sure i wont mind la dear! u look goddamn pretty in tat pic!!!!!!! love it so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2009/07/27 21:36 回覆

  • kel
  • Oh and I forget,I guess this was the braclet you told me ? It look gorgeous :)
  • hey dear~ jz saw tat i missed out tis comment~ lolzz wakaka n yes~ tat's the bracelet tat i told u! waiting for a month~ n its worth!!! like it sosoo much~ weee

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/02 22:25 回覆

  • yan
  • I love the way you matched the dress with blazer, casual smart!=p
  • thx a lot dear~ i m so nervous before tat as i have totally no idea how to pair this blazer up~ wakaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/02 22:24 回覆