#4 Mr.Right~

weee~ tats my Mr.right! finally found a bow tee tat i really love much~

the quality is quite good as the bow is made of cotton..*not tat plastic kind*

tat is out of my expectation....nice :p

Sherlyn go casual? or mature? wakaka


#3 my dream shoe...

it is one of the items in my wish list...saw it in Vivi magazine~ n as u all know, i really love polka dots~

i was once decided not to buy it cz it is not a secure way buying shoes online~

however, after struggling for few days...i know i want it! seriously, I WANT IT!

n luckily the seller was quite good, provided me a lots of information due to the blurness of me ha

*it s my first time buying shoes online!*

n it fits me so well~

i actually found this pair of heels at sunway..n it is more expensive than mine~

same colour, same design, same cutting..totally the same!

i failed to buy tat time as the sizes are inequal for both side..RM79 for imperfect shoe size? no way!

tats y, i was so excited wen i found it online! weeee

3.5 inch! a bit high.but i love high heels~

tat's all for now~

few more coming up~

wait wait wait wait wait for me o~ :p


#2 da floral addict

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4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif

da online shopping atmosphere is currently full with floral!

eveyrthing in floral! floral peplum, floral playsuit, floral slipper n etc~

anyway, i didt buy any of the peplum or playsuit as i know it won't fit me nicely!

peplum - a line cutting with 1 layer peplum will show my body shape weaknesses *i have a big butt =.=""*

floral playsuit - i dont think it looks well on us who have bigger bottom part~ it definately looks weird!

so, i m a smart gal~

buy the only one tat won't make me looks chubby! wkakaka

marmalade + zipper = cute! n i love tis kind of floral~

i bought in total of 3 colours for this kind of floral...

anway, i m not really into its quality as it is not as good as wat i bought previously~

a bit thin...but still acceptable :p

#1 da vintage school bag

4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif 4a3669bee6819.gif

a superb quality vintage old school bag~

isnt tat cute?

had been hunting for a vintage-look bag for quite some time...

n tis is the one tat catch my eyes~

it's a bit pricey though~ but worth it :p

locked by 2 magnetic buttons~ not so convenience actually cz i use to open and close my bag oftenly and consistently~ ha

the inner part~ its thick and hard~ not the made of soft-kind material..n therefore, it can stand still without running out of shapes~ 

back view~

straps are detachable and adjustable~super user friendly :p

2 way cutesy vintage bag~ can paired wit a lot of vintage outfit~ especially those floral one~

lovelove~ :p


Hi everyone, i' m back~ =.=

finally i've some time for blogging~

anyway, i will be FREE after 15th of SEPT! hurray!


n finally, my august shopping diary is here~

hope u gals enjoy the sharing~ :p

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  • Gavin
  • come n step in sekuat-kuatnya.... lantai ada tenggelam tak?
  • sudah tenggelam banyak banyak! hahaha

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/23 15:52 回覆

  • winnaa
  • wow..the high heels really very high..>.<
    wonder can i walk well while wearing it..
    btw..i know it suits u well..^^
  • hehee ya~ it is quite high~ but not so high...3.5 inch~ still can walk~ hahah

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/23 15:53 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • sherlyn with casual wear..i never seen before arr..^^not bad huh...nice~~~it's kinda cool in a way..coz i oways see u in dress from ur bloggie...hehe
  • hehee yalo~ i m now looking for more casual clothes...heeh but i have no confidence at all! cz i doesnt look good on pants :p ha~

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/23 15:56 回覆

  • The tiny Space
  • hi,where you bought the flora dress from? ;)
  • i bought it online dear~ if you r interested to know, pls mail me instead k? :p
    piggysherlyn87yahoo .com

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/23 15:57 回覆

  • winnaa
  • hehe..ic ic..a nice heels indeed..=D
    same design with one of my polka dots outfit..love..@@
    i saw the vintage school through online..and it costs RM59...O.O...nice...
  • really?wow! i bought it at a cheaper price!!!! wkakaka weeee hpppy! n i lovelovleoe the heels so much! tats my dream shoe! always wanted to buy a polka dot heels but never meet one like tis! :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/08/24 22:17 回覆