Recently, i received few emails regarding online shopping. Im not an expert on online shopping....but i can share my experience with u gals!

If u r beginner, i mean very, turn over here :p

4a3669bee6819.gif First, hop into selected online blogshop consistently and oftenly.Mark down their update dates if u wan to.

4a3669bee6819.gifSecond, know ur size well!

4a3669bee6819.gifThird, take your time to consider it if u r really new in online shopping blogshpere. Email the seller by tagging enquiry as title. This is to avoid misunderstanding or backouts happen.

4a3669bee6819.gifForth, update ur savings account to allow online transfer. online transfer will be much easier. If its possible, try to open a maybank most of the seller r using maybank account :( ha

4a3669bee6819.gifFifth, make sure your address is correct and choose the best delivery method.


how to choose an online blogshop?4a3669bee6819.gif

It is a very independent decision. For me, i will find those blogshop with models that have similar height and size with me. *this is to avoid the buy-wrong-size issue happen*I cant promise tat everytime u will buy the correct size if the model same size with sometimes maybe its the angle problem.Plus, all gals in this world have different kind of body shape. So, it is really important for u to know urself! no doubt tat the model looks pretty on those clothes! but it doesnt mean tat u will look prettyon those clothes too! except u r petitie or skinny! I'm NOT! :( I have a wide shoulder and biggrt bottom! :(  n tats y, i never ever buy pants online cz i know i cant fit in! :( the only denim jeans tat fits me well is only Levi's! tat's all for temporary!

How to buy shoes online?4a3669bee6819.gif

This is a big question! haah cz i m not really expert on buying shoes online! there is only one pair of shoe tat i bought online! From kooky thing! u gals should try them out! their service is quite good....they didnt get mad on me although i ask a lot of questions! haahahah

What delivery method that you prefer?4a3669bee6819.gif

Seriously, i ve tried pos express for thousands time n it never get lost before! choichoichoi!

but then i shift to pos laju lately cz i heard a lot of rumours regarding tat n most of the blogshop tat i deal with set pos laju as their preferences. Its not really convenience cz u need to meet Mr. Postman n sometimes we might miss out. So, try ur luck then~ aha

What consider as backout?4a3669bee6819.gif

Im not really sure...but for me, if u ever said tat u want tat top or anything, n u goes MIA* miss in action*, or said tat dont want it anymore, is consider backout already~ i m not so sure cz i think every blogshop have different policy. Therefore, its important to put enquiry as subject wen u r unsure about it.

Have u ever got cheated so far?4a3669bee6819.gif

hmm nope. hmmm actually yes! ha~ not cheatd in terms of money~ cheated by the photoshop technology! hahah I should responsible for tat too! cz i m the buyer n i should think twice and see the product clearly before i purchase~ but i think most of you still ok wit i m extraordinary care about quality! n there is only one blogshop tat i really satisfied with their clothes quality! i did not demand for superb quality, but atleast, not those fragile one!

Some tips that i consider before i make purchase.4a3669bee6819.gif

1. The length!

this is a very important issue as most of the dress selling recently are more suitable for petitie rather than giant like me. Im not VERY tall! i m jz 166cm. but still , most of the dress r too short for my liking! *i m very old minded de! ha n i really care hanging my elephant our there* n until now, most of my dress n skirts r still too short for my liking...there r only 2 of them tat i really love much! still remember my floral dress?tat one tat i bought 2 colours in the same design?

click here to view it * the 3rd and the 4th one*

2. The style.

I know my style well and u might got boring with all the dresses! anyway, i dont care!!!! CZ I JZ IN LOVE WITH DRESSES!!!!hahan i jz cant get enough of dresses! wondering how i m gonna wear wen school open! diedie

3. The quality.

you can actually see the quality through all those pictures~ i m ok if it's thickness is moderate! but not too thin...

4. Buy at your own risk.

you cant blame anyone when u bought a dresses or anything tat doesnt suit you. and if u always keep tis in ur mind, n accept it as ur responsibilty, online shopping will be much easier~

5. The service.

I would love if the seller reply mails in very good manner.

Tats all for now! pls do not hesitate to mail me for any enquiries~ will try to help out if i can help:p

P/s : Pls note tat i m not an expert, jz to share some of my online shopping experience here~ hope it helps o :p

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