still remember da Morning glory gal?

here comes another similar one~

hmm..not the dress...but in terms of the environment i guest~ ekeke

hmm nope....i think should be da sea blue~ keke

its been about 2 weeks long i didnt online shopping! n i didnt break my promise!~

congratulations to myself...n now...i'm wiser n learned a lot about personal finance~

i'm saving for our next vacation~ end of this year!n we r graduate soon...few more months....

it's the time for saving!~

this is the last dress tat i've bought 2 weeks ago~

n i think tat's the nicest floral dress tat i ever had!


Twins with different hair style~ hellokittyicon.gif


bb3.jpg  bb5.jpg
Alice...say hi to everyone~ keke She didnt comb her hair~ mi004.gif

but stilll....very cute!!! haah~

all this pictures taken using my sony ericson 2.0 Megapixels camera~

kinda surprise with da effect~ maybe its because of the lighting~

n this time...most of the pictures taken by my PIG BIAO MEI!~ keke ...she NEVER update her blog!! mi004.gif

DID U HEAR ME PIG??? it's time to update my dear!!!!!~


So, da ribbon sister's story end~

Here comes another one....a wonderfull experience!

Date : 30/9/09

Location : Sg. Udang Fan Shu restaurant




da ribbon sister~ keke my babe~ i love her dress!!! with a super big sash bow at the back~ isnt it nice?


if u can read chinese~ pls read it! so cute la!!!!  Translate to BM : Saya sudi menahan rokok untuk mu~ hahaha


Everybody is waiting for lady - My Aunt, White colour couple T couple - My parents, red lady - My grandfather's sister, purple stripe lady- unknown~ keke


Here they come...everyone started to be nervous n excited!!! including me! wakaka


hahaha isnt tat cute?







n i never realize tat this camera man is actually my senior!!!!! MMU-ians~ kekeke

He didnt tell me tat....Bear told me de! wakaka

after they arrived..they told us what is the show about n ask us to do whatever we can...wakaka

so the show started...i was shaking seriously! haha dont even dare to say a word...until the camera is not with me....haha




a lot of food!!!!!! part of them were the result from both of them~ they went out tat morning to record another part of TV show~

nn  finally....





piggy, piggy bro, n Ah boy


uikkk...tats the show! kekeke



piggy, piggy sis, piggy dad n mom~


da piggy family~


Ah boy - Danny koo  , piggy dad n mom, piggy, piggy bro, piggy aunt, piggy babe, piggy grandma! all piggiess!!! haha

  DSC05965.JPG DSC05966.JPG

piggy bro's fashion diary! waakaka!~ i like his pants n shoes!~ argghghh


Ah boy n piggy dad~


Ah boy ar, lu ai guai guai ni....tang zoi zoi lui...zai bo?

*ah boy, 你要乖乖,赚多多钱知道吗?哈*

*ah boy, kamu mesti baik baik, untung banyak banyak, tau?*

*Ah boy, u must be obidient n earn lotsa money k?*



da ribbon sister~






weee~ wish to have a ride actually! but too bad i wear dress...n i dont think they will allowed me to do this oso...wakaka


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  • detectiveang
  • The local residents joined you all too~~haha.....LOL
  • hehe yalo~ they r very nice to us keke:p really long time didnt go ter le!~ eekek blek

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 14:38 回覆

  • winnaa
  • wow~ it feel so nice to have a handsome star bro..hehe~ your dress very nice yea, love it ^^
    currently very excited nehx, can't wait to get my camera..muahaha XD
    really thanks a bunch ya!!!
  • hehe no thx gal~ i didnt do much oso~ kekeke tell me wen u received it o~ my friend told me that it actually reach ur place already~ hope u like it o~ keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 14:41 回覆

  • jing
  • Sherlyn, pretty dress with pretty face. You look so sweet with the floral dress, pretty nehxxx!!!
    Wonder where u bought the dress?? Mind to tell me??? ;p
  • heeh thx for the compliment gal~ i bought this dress online de~ but i forgot the name d~ cz its not from the site tat i usually deal with~ keke will let u know if i found the site~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 17:06 回覆

  • Janice
  • eh?! so andrew is really your bro?! like blood related bro? very shocking! kakaka

    my hubby sort of fall in love with his songs recently. hahaha. and i told him your site got lotsa of his news and he asked me to show him your site. kakaka.
  • heheh thx gal~ thx to ur hubby too~ keke u both so cute la~ :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 17:05 回覆

  • sharon bee
  • hahaha
    i din know u're andrew's sis tim...
    tot u're a fan of him...
    help me to tell him, i like his 'tian hou' alottttt
  • hehe thx a lot o~ i like tat song too~ n i m his super fan too~ wakaka

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 17:07 回覆

  • Ellyn
  • happy family~~~weee...but then wat programme is tat actually??TV show??...nice..
  • hehe tats motosikal~ 摩哆嬉客之早点回家~ i think the show will be publish on 22 of October or November if not mistaken..haha i oso forgot d~ keke u can see more in this website

    they bring a lot of local artist back to their hometown~ quite nice show :p

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 17:11 回覆

  • khailing
  • ur dress very nice! and ur bro de pants hoh.. is really in fashion leh i saw a lot of "in" taiwanese wear like that. MUST fold up pants!
  • really? i only its really *hang* in Hong Kong! all those artist fold their pants up! i wanna fold too! but too bad! i look like elephant when i wear pants! n i guess, i dont wanna wear jeans anymore!!! keke

    Sherlyn 於 2009/10/07 17:12 回覆

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