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Bet that u guys have seen me in blazer for couple of times already..

n...i jz cant wait to share this 2 cutie here!

I have 2 blazers, a cute one n a mature one~

so, here's the cute one!~

Little bowie blazer~


Lighthing a bit bad....there r bow on each of the pockets!


close up of the bow! so cute right?

still remember tat i'm actually accidentally found this piece of blazer at one-U~

n it cost me RM55 only! consider cheap liao! but the quality is just moderate~ not really good i guess~


yeah! i always love blazer with this kind of colar~ nicer!


back slit which helps to correct one's body figure!*



This blazer is longer compare with another one as below~


da poofy sleeve blazer~


this is the shorter one n which is also mature compare to the little bowie blazer~


ya! i told u i love this kind of colar!!!!! weee weee


vintage look alike button! so sad tat i m actually dont like the button! gonna take it off once i found others cute buttons~


yeah! the poofy sleeve! i love this kind of poofy as it makes my shoulder looks smaller~


the front part is actually longer than the back part~

This blazer is actually a bit too big for me...i cant wear it without button it....

the seller never told me that its a M size....i only know wen i received it!~ :(


during last year christmas~ i paired it up with cotton on singlet n cotton on leopard print skirt~




This is few days ago wen i wear to uni to overcome the winter class room which ended up a summer class room! =.=""

i tot it will be super cold like last time wen we used to! i dont know wat's the actual prob tat caused us so hot! =.="""



(1) I have added Blogshop review tag at my side bar. Feel free to click n visit~

(2) Basic/beginner make up tutorial coming up next~

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  • khailing
  • recently u update a lot! good thing! i feel like i have less blog to read nowadays i dont know why... btw ur makeup tutorial is video or photo? i vote for video!
  • yalo! me too! i oso dont know y! maybe SL they all not update so frequently...n i was kinda boring n tat's y i have more time to do this! lolzz
    i wanna make a video..butbutbut.....not this time =.="" lolzz cz i m gonna find a best place n get a camera stand :( after cny only can fulfill liao :( lolzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/02/07 03:19 回覆