I seriously sad tat i didnt bring it bac! its only RM8 n which is the hat tat i was looking for for thousand years!

I think m gonna mad SOON! bcz of the Bangkok trip, everything tat i see now will just striked away by ME! :(((((((

arghhhh KILL ME!

RM8 nia! oso didnt get it!

I'm just insane!!!!!!!

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  • kiM
  • you look nice in that hat! am goi malacca this friday..if i see u wan me to help u buy not?hehhe
  • WAN!!!!!! u really goin ma? OMG!! i WAN!!!! hahahah lolzzzz its at jonker street there... lotsa stores selling the same hat~!haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/20 17:55 回覆

  • kiM
  • Haha ok then i buy for u ya..dun sad liao..ill try my best to find..
  • thx gal! sent u an email d~ haaha will bank in to u once u got it k? hahhha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/04/23 11:53 回覆