Old Blossom Box Store Address :p



yo! its aLL happened in  a sudden...ppl surrounding me will surely know that i wanted to go Jezmine's shop so so so badly!

n yes! finally ive got the chance!!!!!!!

cats6.jpg   meet pretty Jezmine!!!!! i love all her shoes!!!! can i have all my dear? lolzz!

ok now! pictures tell everything! Let's walk around her shop!~



DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0022.JPG DSC_0027.JPG DSC_0028.JPG DSC_0029.JPG DSC_0030.JPG DSC_0033.JPG DSC_0034.JPG DSC_0037.JPG DSC_0038.JPG DSC_0045.JPG DSC_0046.JPG DSC_0057.JPG DSC_0059.JPG

DSC_0067.JPG   DSC_0074.JPG DSC_0077.JPG DSC_0082.JPG DSC_0084.JPG DSC_0085.JPG DSC_0088.JPG DSC_0094.JPG

DSC_0014.JPG  nice or not!

it's her WHOLE SHOP!

we brought her whole shop back! lolz

million thx to Mr.Bear for his hard work! *tell silently enough d...ahbo later i will kena hit by his tail!* ahahaha


i know some of u sure wondering what nice clothes she have in store right?

come! i show u!!!!

cats5.jpg DSC_0132.JPG


DSC_0063.JPG DSC_0070.JPG DSC_0123.JPG DSC_0124.JPG DSC_0126.JPG

there r lotlotlot more!!!!! omg! i nearly bought the whole shop bac =.="

n here's some photoshoots!

cats2.jpg omg!!! i love this tutu dresssssss!!!! i m faint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cats8.jpg DSC_0112.JPG DSC_0114.JPG DSC_0119.JPG DSC_0129.JPG DSC_0130.JPG DSC_0134.JPG DSC_0135.JPG

i love this photo much!!! tat's the love smile!!!!!!






Special Thanks to Jezmine for letting me take all those nice pictures, trying up the clothes n most important is, she even teach me wer n how to pose!

so nice la!!!!

n a million thanks to da big big bear la!


thanks for bringing me there n all those nice photos!!!!!!!!

this is the first time i thank you publicly!

so dont too haolian*sombong* ok!

hope u gals like this post!

n if u seen anything tat u wanted to buy from her shop,

email her at



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  • detectiveang
  • The pictures are really nice....
  • wah! oklo! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/20 12:37 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • i wan buy the whole shop too
    sherlyn , can purchase their stuff via online ,right ??
    and i wanna ask how u find out all the blogshop that sell the sui sui stuffs??
  • yaya gal..u can email to her to the email tat stated in the post...or go to her website for more information lo~ hehe

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/20 12:38 回覆

  • yan
  • ohmygodddd....her shop so pretty and so sweet!!! all the goodies and all the decorations*faint*
    I always wanted to go to her shop too but afraid lost in nowhere when on my way to there coz never been to shah alam before=.=
    and I spotted sth I like in here, hand itchy dy:D
  • ya! her shop really nice...
    n i dont think her shop is hard to go...
    not so complicated tat kind..although i cant remember la! ha...cz my bf fetch me there one!~ lolzz ha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/20 12:39 回覆

  • jezmine
  • thanks sooooo soooooo much dear *greaaaaat bigg huggggg*
    thanks for coming and for all the really nice pics ;)
    and u look beautiful in each one!
    take care and many thnks again tau..

  • no need thx dear! u deserved it! i m gonna get bac to u in real sooonnnnn!!! so wait for my next visit k? wee wee :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/20 20:11 回覆

  • musicyen
  • hi

    hihi, may i noe whr is this shop? coz i would lik 2 go n hv a look~ can reply me in my blog chat box?
  • hey gal..the address as shown in the first picture ya :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/05/23 02:53 回覆