*Yeah! The result for the Bunny ears give away contest is out!
The winner goes to comment No. 3, 红!~ Please send me your name address & contact number to my mail box n i will send ur bunny ears to u tmw! :p*


Note: Winners are chosen by the lucky paper square pick. Only numbers are that for lucky draw. Therefore, it is fair enough :p


Our first ever portrait experience!!!~ Excited!

This is our first time trying out some portrait shoots!

I am really satisfy and appreciate all the efforts done by Bear..

All the photos taken and edited by him...*small portion from me, with not much edit*


hahaha! i love this photo! this is the photo tat i love most!!! cz it's so ME!

n m started to fall in love with my not-every-tiny-teeth~ hahaahaa


Outdoor Portrait~



Love this oneee! *cz i cant see my whole big face here! muahahaha*11.jpg






Everything from Taiwan except bangles from Singapore~

I got this necklace at NT100 each! buy 9 free 1~ so cheap right! of course i didnt buy 9...i bought 5 =.="""



Love my new watermark from Bear!  



Another great shoots that i love!

I dont feel comfortable when people trying to shoot my bac! cz i cant see wat's happening bac there!

n i love the idea of just showing half of my bac here! lolzz haahah Later u see my piggy back how?



pheeww! luckily my fourple chin did not come out! yes! i have fourple instead of double! will show u guys a picture of me with fourple chin next time!



Playing around with his nerd glass! i love his nerd glass far away more than mine :((



Bloomy VS Vintage!~ i love my ice cream bagggggg


Indoor Portrait~







What a stupid face =.=""





Love this lace maxi so much....but its a lil =.=""" i sweat all over after the shoot! oopss....its should be We instead of I~


And here ends our first ever portrait shooting day!~




I was really nervous and uncomfortable at the beginning of the shoot!

cz we done it at a hot spot where there r lotsa ppl walking ups n downs...

n the weather is not really good...not better than wat we expected!  



somemore, its our first time doing it! omg! all the sweatssss keeping me more n more nervous!

anyway, i was like, sometimes, we just have to try it!

So, after adjusting the nervous n coward feeling...finally a little smile appeared! =.=


Polka dot bunny ears Give away contest! 

Pick one best photo that you like from #1 till #15

Leave a comment with your email attached,

a white based red polka dot bunny ears from Taiwan would be yours!

Dateline : Monday 26/7/2010 *Sorry previously write wrong date*

Winner will be announced on 26/7/2010 and bunny ears will be send out on 27/7/2010~


Hope you guys enjoy this post! It's our first baby!
Hopefully more babies coming soon!



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  • Ellyn
  • really love those portraits of u ;)
    and u're getting prettier and prettier~
    support u oways yea!!

    btw, where did u get the bag?
    wish to get a basket bag too ;p
    but somehow it's kinda expensive huh..
  • wow! dear! u r the first one! n u havent sleep! lolzz hahaha
    i got the bag from Taiwan...
    saw it in Malaysian blogshops before but its all sold out!
    i was so excited wen i found it at taiwan~
    n ya...its a lil expensive...around NT500 like tat :(

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/24 04:28 回覆

  • Shevon
  • Sherlyn, I like your photo #2 & #14 , good photography skill and you are so natural and pretty~
  • thx dear~ hugsss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:17 回覆

  • 紅
  • 好像網拍的照片哦~
    最喜歡#15 (*^,^*)
  • 哈哈夸奖了~还在学习当中!第一次的经验!~ 很开心~哈

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:17 回覆

  • khailing
  • i like #12! but i dont want bunny ears i want your height can?
  • lolzz! i dont like my height k?
    freaking hard to wear heels! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:18 回覆

  • Wen
  • I like picture 15! So adorable! :)
  • thx dear!~:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:19 回覆

  • noobita
  • I love picture #5 and #6. 这两张照片都很自然,是等待的感觉,而且是两种等待的感觉。

    like your whole outfit here ;)
  • 哇!原来还说得出故事的呢!~ 真的很谢谢你啦!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:19 回覆

  • noobita
  • oh forgot to leave my email address just now. I attach it here.
  • okies!~ no problem :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:20 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • i like #6
    like the feel
    actually all very nice,don noe how to choose pun
    u can do a xie xhen liao
    zhuenvip_0927HOTMAIL .com
  • heh thx dear! lolzz

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:20 回覆

  • xiao xing
  • Nice photos !!!
    I like the 2nd, 3rd and 10th.
    2nd: Natural smile 微微一笑.I like the look of you and also the green colour around.
    3rd:Your accessories match with the roadside^^

    Good luck for your visa application!
  • heeh thx gal! n oso thx for the wishes! aikss i hope so~ nervoussss

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:21 回覆

  • Michele
  • love number 9~ u look so babyish n so tender n cute.. hehe.. can i have a bite? =p
    Number 6 is nice too.. coz look so natural~ n make me feel so relaxing even though u r the one who looks relax in the pic n ur smile is just right.. u get wat i mean ma? haha.. plus plus, the greenery around u adds up to make this pic a wonderful picture in a city~ ^^

    btw, i just wan a hug n a kiss n a signature from u.. haha.. are these too much to ask for? =p
  • hehe lolzz! i felt quite relaxing as well..cz this time's outfit actually soften a lot by the white soft lace maxi~ i feel comfortable wearing it as well!

    n thx a lot nehx! lolzz signature is for artist de la! hahah
    big hugs n kisses for u!! weeee

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/25 13:22 回覆

  • wen pink
  • Pretty!!

    OMG SO SWEET!! So pretty!! Love your photos and how u dressed on tat day! Way to go girl! :) You'll make it big one day!
  • lolz! OMG! wow! thx for the motivation gal! big huggggggg!!!!!!

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/26 00:34 回覆

  • piggysherlyn
  • Repost from FormSpring

    couldn't commented on d bohemian style fashion diary post.So have to submit my entry here...hehe i especially love pic no.5! you look like a celeb caught by papparazzis! HOT HOT HOT HOT! :D

    nymphomania_galyahoo .com
  • Reposted :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/26 15:16 回覆

  • vivienne
  • All or ur pics are gorgeous.. you're so lucky to have your "bear" hehe :) Stay Pretty
  • lolz! thank you gal! dont let him hear tat! haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/26 15:16 回覆

  • 紅
  • 嘩,沒想到耶~真的超好開心(言語無法形容)~
    Thanks Sherlyn =^o^=
    i jz reply u an email~
    Sherlyn, hon tou ni arigatou gozaimahita~
  • heheh~ u r welcome dear! anyway, its not an earring ya~ its a bunny ear headband instead :p those u can see in the latest vivi magazine :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/27 02:10 回覆

  • Jeniffer
  • #9 is lovely.. i totally love your outfit and lusting over your bag because there is cherry in there.. =)
  • thx a lot gal! big huggies!~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/27 02:10 回覆

  • Cherrie
  • My dear, i love the photo of #5 and #15... got feel got feel.... the post the colour, the editing style... is nice and suitable... and i love the hat and spec u wearing....!!!! haha^^
  • heheh Cherrie! thx a lot for the encouragement :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 08:12 回覆

  • 紅
  • oh, bunny ear, hairband~ paise ne~(#>.<#)
    din read baik baik. (×o×) Thx 2 correct me.
    k, i wil refer to vivi magazine~ see wat kind of dressing is suitable wiv tis. keke.
    and then find one day to tk a photo~ hehe :P
  • hehe okies! its all over vivi/popteen magazines these few months~ remember to take photo yo! hahaha ohya,have sent it to u on Tuesday...u might already received it by today :p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 08:14 回覆

  • winnaa
  • aww girl, you boyfriend is being so niceeeee! it's good to have a photographer boyfriend, stay sweet sweet! :D
    and as always, i love your photos! how i wish i can be as pretty as you :))
  • hehe thx a lot dear! u r so pretty d ok! so skinny somemore! n u have a nice blog as well! good bf oso! lolzz haha

    Sherlyn 於 2010/07/29 08:15 回覆

  • shellypan
  • 照片都超好看的!!!!!
  • Shelly,谢谢你的鼓励!哈~我会加油的~

    Sherlyn 於 2010/08/08 01:47 回覆