Nope! It's not a new hair style...but new styling technique u can say~ lolzz! ha

I tried to do another type of curl tat day since I've got sent home after working 3 hours at laundry =.="""

n the only work tat I've done is putting all the rags in a couples of plastic bags =.=""

business running slow now!

we hardly get to work for extra hours during our OFF day! :(

so, i was thinking, y not I spend sometime with my super short hair! lolzzz *for me, it's SUPER SHORT!*

I tried to curl more this time compare to last time..

n I'm kinda surprise with the effect!

cz I always thought short hair is too ugly n boring!

but well...It's not!

My fringe is getting longer now!!!!!

Shi Hui, pls fly to US n help me cut again! :(


FYI, It's one month time before my US tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super duper EXCITED!!!!

Time past so fast!

2 months already!!!!!!!

Yesterday, the Halloween day...

was my last day at my working place, Yavapai Lodge...

cz they gonna close on 31st of Oct since winter is coming soon!

n it's my last day working at Yavapai Lodge!

As usual, after shouting tat housekeepingsssss, i enter the room n i found a super duper big surprise for me!!!!!

guess wat? 20 dollars as a tip? Not even using any facilities in the room except the bed? not even the bathroom?

20 dollars??!!!!!!





Lotsa ppl get 20 dollars as a tip before...n i always pray hard so tat maybe someday someone s gonna give me 20 dollars tip!

I was like....OMG! M I DREAMING?

n YES! It's the happiest Halloween ever!

Thank you guest!



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  • kai hoong
  • oh gosh u are so cute! i love ur curls.. perhaps u could make a hair tutorial n post here!!! :)
  • thank you! will make one if i have time! pretty much busy nowadays!~:p

    Sherlyn 於 2010/11/04 02:46 回覆

  • Shi hui
  • I hope I can fly back USA and cut your fringe for you too!!! Haha... Anywhere, really look very cute...