So, It;s Halloween!!!!!!!

Wat to be expected during such a big day in the big US?

yes! bunch of ghosts and candies!!!!!

we had a seriously unforgettable Halloween ever!!!! seriously!!!

Let's see how the day goes on~

hahaahhaha! BIG BIG BUNNIES!!!!!!

u guys wanna know y tis guys wearing such a cute costume standing in a -2 degrees cold night without any jacket or warmers?


n which ended up with nothing happen tat night!

haahahahah! lolzz!

tat guys offer us to take picture right away cz he saw us staring him with seriously weird n thirsty eyes! lolzzz

n...FYI, tis is a night before Halloween! which is on the 30th of Oct~

n here comes d long waited real Halloween Day!!!!!

we were quite excited as we heard tat there's an event held at the recreation center!

so, we get home n prepare n go on the employee shuttle happily!

our employee shuttle took around 45 minutes for like a small tour in Grand Canyon~

It's not really long though..n our destination is like 30 minutes ahead!

we went up the shuttle happily n guess wat?

the driver told us tat the event actually held yesterday night but not tonight!!!!

WTH!!!!! he told us at the moment tat we reach the recreation center!!!!!


so? here's the funniest thing ever tat happened in my US WAT!

we went up the employee shuttle at our place, trailer village n toured with the smartest driver for tat freaking 45 minutes n back to trailer village again!!!!

there r still a bunch of ppl wen we get out from there!

but all the fake ghost dissapeared within 45 minutes n we DID NOT GET TO SEE/EVEN TAKE PICTURE WITH THEM!!!!


super stupid lo!!!!!

but still, we managed to take few pictures for tat day!

us, with similar bunny ears + sweater + same leopard print boots!

sisters in action!!!! lolzzz

n she is so goddamn small!!!!

walao! i look like giant!!!!

n here's the only ghost tat we had! lolzzz

i hate this stupid creature!!!! cz!!! OMG!

knocking doors expecting for candy!!!!

but all we had was a pair of panda eyes staring at us! WITH NO CANDY!!!! :(((

n tat's my inspector!!!!

5 golden flowers~~!!!! see how small they r!!!! OMG!!!!!!

I love standing at the back! tat's my perfect place!

Bear n da kitty turned bunny~

n yeah! tat's our night!

since we dont have huge bunch of ghost accompanying us for the night, we had the bottle in the boot!


ewwww! y izit so smelly?


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