I can't wait to get back to my home sweet home now!

It's been 4 months, I'm here, in the journey to one of my dream countries, the US.

Mixed feelings.

I've learned so much things which were beyond wat i expected to learn there!

Like wat i wrote in my FB status...friendship, love, life n everything were just so wonderfull!!!!!

n of course! the most precious thing tat i learned are...friendship...& love....

I never feel this way before! Feeling sad n even cry for friendship!

In the past few months, we worked, we cooked, we hiked all the way down to phantom ranch (grand canyon), we gossip, we helped each other n everything! we just did everything together! the 6 of us!

I can't...I just can't leave u gals!!!!!

I'm in Singapore airport right now but my heart is always there!

at u, Lai Chao Chao, Lok Yun Yun, Jesssyyy, Baby Sokeng hearts!

I really hope that we go travel together again in the future!

Like i said..until i bring my babies, Chao Chao bring hers too, Yun Jess n Sokeng bring their bf n babies too! n keep on goin until we old!

we can still hold each other hand....with tongkat on the other hand of course, n go bac to grand canyon...n flash back all our happy days at grand canyon!




walao...........think too far liao!

okla! I should stop being so emo here cz i dont wan to get any attention n scare ppl by crying in such a midnight at singapore airpost =.=""


so, Let's recall what i've done in the past year 2010!

#1 (Jan) Singapore anniversary trip with precious, Khai Ling n Bear


#2 (March) Amazing redang trip with Rendezous gang~


#3 (May) First ever fashion show @ MMU~



#4 (May) IVSC song composition competition @ MMU~



#5 (May) MMU Prom night~


#6 (Jun) Pulau Ketam with Rendezous gang~


#7 (Jun) Taiwan dream trip with the love one~


#8 (Aug) Graduate with the love one & rendezous folks!!!


#9 (Aug) Last farewell dinner with finance sisters~


#10 (Sept through Jan 2011) 

23th birthday celebration~

new hair cut~

 & the most fantastic moments in between year 2010 & 2011

USA Work & Travel programme!

With 6 of us together! hand by hand~

I had a fantastic! amazing! perfect year 2010!

Thanks to my parents, bear, brother n all my friends!

Thank you for makes me feel loved n secured!~

n of course, thank you for those who reads my blog!~

I never realize my blog counter is hitting 200k until precious told me tat!

Thank you guys!

Wish everyone belated Merry Christmas n Happy New Year!

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