Williams - A small city near Grand Canyon.

We, employees of Xanterra stand a chance to go Williams by train for free!

We planned to go there around the end of October n we thought we gonna make it!

Hell no! We failed to get our desired day off n we need to work that day!

But nothing can beat us since we were really try our best to finish our work earlier so that we could rush to the train depot on time!

n luckily we all made it! I still remember how awkward n tense we were in order to finish on time!

Me n my twin sis made it n we were the first batch who reached there! we were so worry that 4 of them couldnt make it n we gonna have to cancel the plan! but NO! THEY MADE IT!!!! ALL OF US MADE IT!!!!

Here we go departing to the most misterious city! - Williams!!!!

Our train ticket!!! not ticketssss but ticket! cz we only get one ticket with 6 seats given!!!!

see how cute the love is? They punched it with loves!!!!! I told u americans are friendly!!!!

Amazing views along the journey!~

Truly love the views!!!!! It's freaking amazing n beautiful!!!!!

yeah! ppl singing in the train! It was fun!!!!

Love this picture the most!

n deng deng~ here comes the drama!!!!!


The robberies!

OMG! look at his pants!!! this is so funny!

n dont try to fool him by giving him money! cz u will never get it back! trust me!

He was trying to scare that baby!

n guess wat?

who cares huh?


This is so funny!!!!

we never thought that there will be such an entertainment activities in the train throughout the journey! The train even stopped just for all this funny activities!!!!

He came by n claimed tat he's not a robber! a police instead!!!!

*i can't differentiate! thought they just look the same?*

Tat's how they look similar i guess...funny pants? lolzzz

All of us + 1 camera man~ We looked tired cz we were all just finish washing 16 messy rooms within 6 hours!!!!!!

yeay!!! finally reached!!!!

whoa! so dramatic one?!!!!

The depot! Nice decorations huh? They had christmas decorations already even it was just November!

Random captures around the city~ *we walked through the whole city!!!!*

us in a freezing cold weather!!!! It was really really super godamn cold tat night!!!!

Mc Donald's!!! Finally!!!!Dinner time!

Not many choices! most of them were beef.

yummy!!!!!! but their service sucks!!!!!!!

They dont really care about the customers! Served everyone with super bad attitudes!

Polar Express!!!


n him...

Christmas decorations!!!

wer's the A's, H n P?

The entrance of the Grand Canyon Hotel that we THOUGHT we gonna stay over that!

but we didn't make it since it's USD 180+ per night!!!!!! A lil too expensive!!!!

so we decided to just take a rest there n continue to find some other cheaper place to stay~

n here comes the super nice decorations of the hotel!!!!!

All pictures credited to Mr.Bear! He's talented! I swear!

Love the christmas tree!!!!!! I wish to have one in my house if possible!

Love the lamps!!!!




whoaaa!!! nice shot!!!!!

whoa....another nice shot!

Us!!! Take 1!

Take 2!

Take 3! Done~


It's time to go!!!! Cz it was late night already! n tell u wat...It gets dark really fast in Williams! Same as in Grand Canyon!

Sun rises at around 5am smtg n sunset usually happened at 5pm smtg! No night life at all! 

we walked here n there trying to search the best hotel with the cheapest price!

n we found this!!!!


Still remember tat we were at first goin to lie that we have only 2 ppl!

but i'm srsly a bad lier n i told the gal tat we have actually 6 ppl n we wanted to stay all together in one room!!!!

n we were so lucky cz she made it for us!!!!

she allowed us to stay all together in the same room with TV, 2 queen bed rooms, 1 bath room, n microwave, n free breakfast at USD 90+!!!!!!

She was really kind to us!!!

let's have a tour in the hotel! *it's a cottage motel actually!~*

OMG! My BEARSS!!!!!!!

OMG!!! SO VINTAGE!!!!! This is like a extra living room for us!


We took this on the next morning! That's the outlook of the hotel~

Very nice!!!! OMG! I MISS THERE SO MUCH!!!!

Breakfast time!!!!!

Another lovable pic!

whoa! y is he here?


see how cute our key is?

Our daily doses!

All of us! We were then back by first class train!!! *Got ppl singing in the train too! Xanterra had been really good to us!*

~ The End ~


We actually went there at 3pm on the first day n back at 9am on the 2nd day!!

therefore we didnt actually have that much time to explore the whole city! But we did went to those hotspots and others were just restaurants n motels!

It's an amazing n unforgettable trip after all!

Thanks bunch for all the laughters n thanks Bear & Jess for all the nice photos!!!

We wouldn't have so much nice photos without u both! Big hugsss!


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  • qw
  • omgggg...i misss i misss i misssss!!! i misss those daysss!!!!!! i miss that day we work so hard to get it doneee!!!! we r really so GREAT!!!!! love lovee!
  • yes!!! still remember how we feel tat time? we were so nervous n Anthony n Dan helped us a lot so tat we can leave earlier!!!!

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  • JanP
  • I love this post so much! beautiful pictures! :D
  • thx! all pictures are credited to Bear :p

    Sherlyn 於 2011/02/22 23:55 回覆