I've dyed my hair since January and i wanted to blog about this long time ago.

Lotsa people asking me how's the color, would it fade off after a couple of months...n i always never get to answer it since i dont really pay much attention on it...

Liese Bubble Hair Dye - Marshmallow Brown

Took this photo during cny and that's when i just dyed my hair few days ago..

I used only 1 bottle of hair dye since my hair was kinda short that time...

This is about 2 months later...obviously, the color seems lighter now..but i kinda like this color...it makes me look fairer i guess?

By the way, yeah! i changed new hairstyle again!

This is temporary though...I'm just too bored with the heartshape n straight barbie hair style...

Wants to try out something new! Something more mature? hahaha

OMG I hate those roots but what to do? but well, this is the only time that i actually relized that my hair color is really brown! lolll

I used to push my hair in this way to increase the puffiness of my curls~

Almost done~

Never really see the back part before...lolzz

n...photoshoot time!!!!!

Another love from Ugly Duckling Closet...I'm just couldn't resist all their clothes!

Earrings : Taiwan

Ribbon rings : Taiwan

Pearl Diamond Necklace : Forever 21 US

Scallop top : Room8008

Ballerina puffy skirt : Ugly Duckling Closet

Accesories in detail..

OMG Pearlssssss!!!!

Pls ignore my ugly nails!!!!!!!!!  Lol!!!! I promise u i'm gonna spend plan some budget for my nails d!!!!

They r just way too ugly!!!!!!


By the way, anyone wants to learn yoga?


Groupon is having great deals for yoga class at Bandar Utama! RM28 only for one month unlimited classes!!!!Map provided!

The instructor is a guy though! loll that's y i need someone to accompany me there lol!

but of course the intructor is good la! I just need a companion! lollz


My heart broken whenver i saw those great deals cz i can only see n cannot buy!!!!ARGHHH!

n i can't believe that  i actually created a wish list just for that! lollzzz

1) Show Concert Tickets

2) Shoe Pod

3) Photobook

4) Mani Pedi

5) Yoga class

They just came all together and it's very hard for me to decide which one to buy!

cz i always have lotsa reasons that i need to buy all those stuff! lolll

okla! this post is really messy now!

First start with liese bubble, then fahsion diary, then wish list pula! =.=""

Actually i have more...

6) Iphone Angel case - anyone can tell me where to buy this?

7) Lasenza Lingeries set

8) Ikea small table

9) A Mary Jane Pumps

10) Eyelashes? Facial? Eyeliner? Long pants?

ok! the list never end...


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  • angel
  • hi,nice hairstyles..btw can i ask what you mean by heaart shape hairstyle? thanks
  • hmm u can refer to the hairstyle that i wore in chic pop 7 post :) thx for dropping by~

    Sherlyn 於 2011/04/14 12:35 回覆

  • yizhuen
  • erm...i dyed on Dec but now my hair still remain ash brown...just the root part became black colour maybe because of my hair grew up
    liese not bad =)
    i tried it since c u post the liese ash brown
  • really? wow! that's great!
    ya~ i'm in love with liese bubble hair dye d~ gonna try out their whole collection if possible! lol

    Sherlyn 於 2011/04/14 22:54 回覆