I had the most amazing Saturday ever!

Girl friends were all here!

It's like all of us getting ready for another trip after our USA work & travel trip.

Life had been changing drastically.

Not so drastic actually...It's just couldn't stop bouncing ups n downs.

It's like 1 year already i didn't see the love one..even though we just see each other a week ago...

*ok i know u feel like vomitting right now!*

I never been a romantic person and I can say that I'm the worst gf ever!

I don't really know how to cook, how to do house work...how to take care of myself...

n it;s been a really long time we didn't do any photoshoot~

n don;t worry...i liquified this photo! lol I'm not that skinny ok!

Just want to make the picture looks better! Don't want to waste the photographer's effort! muahahaha

Well! here you can see the real fat me!

I;m so freaking fat until i nearly kill myself!

I've been working with buiscuits and you will never know how much calories that being consumed especially when you eat & work together!



Imma start my workout real soon! Maybe tomorrow? Lol

oh no! i should be fasting together with my colleagues instead! oh gosh!

I want to be skinny! Anyone can tell me how?

I'm not greedy! I just want to shred off another 5kgs n I'm done!!!!

Love this photo~!

I was a candid shot when i try to pin my hair~!

Boss previously asked me to go for upper lip IPL!


Walao eh Boss! Can you sponsor me ar? =.="


Btw, I've got a little project that coming up soon~ Probably next month before i turn 24?

Kiasu people is like that! Die die also must do something before i turn 24!

Oh NO! I don't want to celebrate my birthday this year!!!!!! *shit! too lonely d start talking to myself* =.=""

I want to be forever 21!

haizz....sui yue bu liu ren....


I actually have one question here..not sure anyone of you bothering answer or not...

but just want to do a lil research on this...

What is your opinion towards the different between job and career?

Awaiting for your answers excitedly!



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