You might not know about this cz i didn't post in on my FB cz i know my parents will surely be very worry.

Me n the bf almost got ROBBED yesterday night. 

Us, as usual, walking to the shell station which is like 3 minutes away from our house to get grab some bread and tibits. 

We spotted 2 indians riding on a motorcycle acting really weird around us. 

They came near us for the first time asking for time and i "kinda shouted - not very loud" panggil polis!

They went off and they turned back again to us once they saw the Ronda Man just passed by in front of us and the motorcycle!!!

I was kinda freezed that moment! I should've shouted so that at least the Ronda Man will notice us!

Barry didn't even notice about the Ronda Man cz he was too focus on that 2 indian guy.

They came to us and the man at the back came down and took out a long stick try to beat him.

Me and him fell down apart and at the very same time, coinceidently, a white color car saw us and safe us!

He drove towards the 2 indian guys and i was totally blank that time. 

Barry shouted "RUN!" the next minute and we successfully reached home safely.

I was shocked and cried non stop.

I thought they gonna hurt him and i can't afford to loose him..

Life is so fragile and there's lotsa memory flashed back. 

I wanted to call my parents but i can't cz i don't want them to worry about me.

We're really really thankful to the guy who saved us and we managed to find him through FB.

I couldn't sleep the whole night kept thinking about what can we do next time to prevent / protect ourselves from cases like this.

We will not walk in the night even in the morning anymore. 

Our country is so scary now! We heard these cases every single day in everywhere.

I really hope that they will get caught by the police!!!!

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  • Ivan
  • luckily you are safe, just becareful next time and pay more attention to your surroundings!
  • thanks!!!! yes! i will!!!! :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/17 18:23 回覆

  • 【 Natalie 】
  • omg, luckily both of u get rescued.
    take care ya^^
  • ya. i was still in shocked in the past few days. Getting better now. You too be careful k?

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/17 18:24 回覆

  • amoyous
  • I personally don't like you because you stole Barry from SuetLi.
  • i dont know how many times you want to do this.
    if u really love them so much, you should've know that they broke up 2 years ago and Barry had other gfs before me.
    And i'm actually the one who's bf got stolen by others.
    Pls be considerate and take care of your own life.
    Stop messing other people's life!

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/17 18:27 回覆

  • 訪客
  • sherlyn... don't care about those stupid people who still cling on to bazsuet. u look cute with barry!!! ^_^ I LOVE SAMMICHGIRL!!!
  • thanks dear!!!!! SUPER BIG HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS I need that sometimes although i'm tough! thnaks! :)

    Sherlyn 於 2012/09/17 18:28 回覆

  • Xiao Ying
  • Omg it's really dangerous! Try to bring those noise maker (those item which can make sharp noise)when you are out. It will be better than bringing pepper spray.. Take care!
  • yes! M gonna get one soon!

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/13 19:04 回覆

  • hayley
  • omg!how can there be someone who so childish and commented like that when peoples were in a worst time.although i don't really know you but thanks god you guys were safe.please be extra careful when you guys walk around.robbers are now in everywhere,anytime.and yeah you and your bf looks sweet.*keep it on*
  • thanks Hayley! I'm paranoid about motorbikes already. Not gonna go out at night alone too.

    Sherlyn 於 2012/10/13 19:06 回覆