So a couple of months ago i joined this dance school called Talent hub in Desa Sri Hartamas.

Trust me, they have the best teachers ever! Especially for their contemporary dances! 

There are 2 types of contemporary dance classes provided, lyrical contemporary and the basic contemporary dance.

I opted for lyrical contemporary dance cz i love dances that interpret the meaning of a song. Turns out the dance we were to perform was about druggies wtf. Some more the song is "Trigger Hippie" by Morcheeba wtf

When i first started the class, i couldn't understand the world of a hippie. My confidence level sunk down to the bottom and all of a sudden, i felt that i didn't really know how to dance. LOL so emo wtf

However, after 2 months of practice, i can see myself slightly improved. 

It's really not easy to act like a druggie! I don't drink and I don't even know what's the feeling of being drunk lol

but that shouldn't be an excuse cz my teammates don't drink too! LOL

My teacher Rebecca, she's the most awesome teacher ever! She taught us every single step patiently. 

Most of the time we couldn't remember the steps! LOL #badstudents wtf

I'm really glad that I had the chance to join the Talent Hub performance!!!! It's really fun! I got to meet A LOT of ppl who love dancing! 

And they inspired me to be better! 

Rainbow tights!!!!! 

My teammates! The girl on the right shares the same birthday with me!!!!!!!!! And she was a ballerina too! 

I love the way she dances! She's the main character of this piece! :)

say yeay to 921 virgos!!!!! Anyone here born in 921 too? :)


omgggg this little girl is super cuteeeeeeeeee

The girl on the left : super pretty model teacher! She's super tall ok!!!! 

The guy on the right : I LOVE HIM TO THE END OF THE WORLD WTF He's so inspiring!!!! He doesn't have any dance basics! He learned everything from youtube and i swear he dances SUPER WELL! 



Belly dance! sexayyyyyy

Pole dance from Viva Vertical! 

The most happening salsa team! Different races, different ages! Not a problem at all! Good example for 1Malaysia! wtf 


Burlesqueeeeeeeeeeeee, choreographed by Rebecca too!

These kids were so cuteeeeee

Hippiesssss yeayy

Chris Tabassssiiiiiiiiiiiii 

Burlesque again!!!! By my teacher Rebecca too!

Kids hip hop! haha

Contemporary dance by Vivian! Chris Tabassi!!!! againnnnnn hehehehe

Vivian & Chris Tabasssiiiiiiii

Us during the finale..what m i doing wtf hahaah

Of course, we had to end with Gangnam wtf

The awesome bf who took all these pictures and the video of our dance! Thankyou bf!!!

Thank you my favourite twin sister for coming to the showcase! 


Lastly, Watch our dancing video here!!! :) 

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