I had been abandoning my blog for likke 1234567 days already!

If you're wondering what am i doing recently, the answer will be the same all the time! - Groupon Workaholic!

One thing interesting about this company is...most of the people here are workaholic! lol

All my colleagues pls don't bite me!

Well, i mean...we are all young, aggresive and energatic people right?

It's good to be really focus on my job now...

However, i'm still thinking about my dream all the time! *crazy! i should really stop dreaming already!*


Thanks Zac for this photo!!! He's one of the awesome photographers in Penang!

Btw, i edited the color of the photo a lil bit cz i look seriously pale that day! It's not a shooting day! Just a random yogurt day!

Facebook :!/pages/Zac-Bong-photography/196886213692342

Was thinking about revamping my blog for quite sometime already....just wanted to make it as simple as it can be...


I really really like his work!!!!

Now i feel like getting married already!!!! n why this baby so cute one!!!!!! cannot tahannnnnnn


You can Visit for more information :)



& if you're boring and need some sleeping pill...

Watch this...

Sherlyn's Emo night with hero!*click*




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