Went there again today! Tried their twisted yogurt (Vanilla & Chocolate)

The chocolate taste really really awesome!!!!!!!

Say hi!!!!


I'm never a yogurt person! I kind of hate yogurt cz they are either tasteless or too sour!

I'm not a healthy person and this is probably part of the reason why i hate yogurt! AHA!

We came across this yogurt house when we were jalan jalan cari makan @ Straits Quay.

*We go like maybe twice in a week? LOL*

We tried the yogurt n Oh MY! The yogurt taste so good!


Fruuze @ Groupon Penang!!!!!!! 1700+ groupons sold! That's a big big WOW!!!!

I'm sure some of you might be a lil confuse with our site.

We're currently running on 2 sites! Yes! You're right! All Penang deals can be bought from both sites.

The only different is the website address. One is www.Groupsmore.com and another one is www.Groupon.my

n yeay! i went there again today! Bought it without using my groupon =.="" LOL

I'm just totally in love with it.

The yogurst was soft & melted quite fast. But this is exactly what i'm looking for!

RM13 for such a big cup of yogurt + 3 toppings is so cheap! It's much more cheaper than tutti frutti!

I love them compared to tutti frutti! n I seriously hope that they can open a branch in KL! LOL

Imma try their parfait next time!


Spoke to their owner before. They strongly recommend the fruit parfait! --> Low calories + healthy! *AIya its time for diet liao laaaaa!*

Grabbed some other pics from their FB Fruuze Frozen Yogurt *Click*

owh it's pink!!!!!

Love their environment! It's really a good place for chit chat n gossips!

Anyone in Penang can gossip with me ar? Lonely die here!!!



Btw, I'm going for Evergreen Laurel hotel buffet tmw with my family! Arghhh ya! that's the reason why father force me to stop buying grouponsss!!! cz i've been spending too much lately!

Not any other thing, just groupons! lol

I thought i'm gonna save a lot of money since i'm not working under clothing industries / any other cosmetic industries! Mana Tau, walao! I spent much more than what i expected!!!

LOL but definitely, life had been really excited! cz i get to try so many food! but well, the bad part is --> Gain weight + pocket pecah! =.="


ps: not going back to KL this week....owhhh saddd! Precious, i miss you!!!!!!


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