It feels like a real Monday although it's not Monday today...

n guess what? I slept at 7am today morning! I couldn't sleep just because of another teh tarik ice!

I don't know what's the reason why i couldn't sleep whenever i drink teh tarik ice! It's effect is totally the same as coffee! It's just that  i don't drink coffee!

It's 1211am now...n i'm still in the office....waiting for that Mr.Bear to finish his work...

So i got nothing to do n decided to do something crazy since it's Friday night!!!!! I wan fireworks on Friday night!!!!

There isn't any so i create one for myself...


很random的麻花辫 = very random punya braid! hahahahahahahahah

Direct translation!!!!

This is actually a combination of this...

and this...

Lol! It's just a random thingy la..willl do a better one next time with more hair styles without panda eyes! lol

I've been wearing this make up since morning 10am till now! It's like that pls bear it~ :) 

Love our office interior design n lighting! Gotta bring my DSLR next time if i'm gonna have another "camping night" here! Lol

Where's my ribbon!!!! :( Btw, i love this shoes! Got it when i was in Penang! but it's really dirty already..owh sad :(


n...if you don't know yet....xiaxue have pink hair now! OMGSOPRETTYNCUTE IWISHIHAVETHECOURAGETODOTHAT!


Pic credited to Xiaxue's FB page

OMGSHE'SSOCUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s time to go home now...

Selamat Hari Raya guys! Happy holidays! Enjoy kao kao the last 2 days! :)

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